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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first person shooter based in a war of our modern times (bet you didn't see that one coming, eh?). Thats right, that means modern weapons, modern tactics, and modern problems.

Now, as this game has an outstanding plot and storyline, things may seem somewhat vague here since I'm not gonna give anything away.
I will say that the plot gives you enough to keep you on the edge of your seat questioning why something happened or why something might happen. The plot gives you enough information to enjoy the game at an easy pace while not being lost in any twists or turns.
The game comes equipped with a wide cast of characters. Each has been fleshed out to show their personalities. Thats where I feel the story truly shines. Each of the characters puts their unique personalities on display for you to see. These are the type of video game characters that pull you into the game and make you feel like you relate to them.

Now, if you've played any Call of Duty before, the controls have stayed right on track with the others. If you haven't played any CoD games before this, don't worry, it is simple enough to get used to things.
During the story mode, the gameplay can seem as if almost nothing is going on...until you turn one corner and you're thrown back into some fray. Almost everything is as if its at a faster pace. You're always looking for cover, you're always watching for that little 'GRENADE DANGER' indicator, and you're always watching for that one enemy who decided to wait for YOU to pop out instead of the other way around. You're constantly running to catch up to someone or running to get some cover from enemy fire. Call of Duty 4 brings an intensity with it that you can't really get away from.

Now, its been said by many that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is 'one of the most photorealistic games on the market'. And you know, its probably still true, even after its been a while from release. But lets get past the bad first. I've seen clipping issues with the game, such as guns or legs poking through a solid wall, grenades sometimes glitching to somewhere you didn't throw them, and the all too good, "What the hell, I was behind cover, but I wasn't behind cover all of a sudden so I died!".
While I sympathize with you, these things happen in games. Its unescapable.
Other than that, you'd be hard pressed to find something that is actually 'wrong' with the graphics. Your environments (buildings, trees, the ground and the sky) are all extremely well done. Infinity Ward brought a new level of graphics to the table with Modern Warfare. Something beyond graphics created by the Unreal Engine's graphics for Gears of War, something beyond Halo 3's graphics. (I love both of those games, please don't kill me. I had to use some kind of example. Both those games have OUTSTANDING graphics, they're just a different kind of graphics.)
Infinity Ward brought an amazing standard of photorealism to games. Its just another factor that sucks you into the game.

Character voice acting, vehicles, yells of pain, and the ability to differentiate what guns are being shot and from which direction mashes into a big ball of amazing. Lets get started on voice acting: as mentioned earlier, each character has their own brand of unique-ness to them. With that comes voice acting to match. The character voices are really the nail on the head for them. They could have the most interesting personalities ever, but without some good voice acting, they'd fall apart.
Now, what I really want to focus on is the ability to learn what certain guns sound like in this game. While this doesn't cover all the aspects of the sound in this game, I think it shows how far they went with creating the game's sounds.
You see, in real life, different guns make different sounds, and I have seen far too many games that don't show this. You hear a gun in the distance, "Well I don't know what gun that is. I don't know if I should take him from medium or short range..."
Not in this game. You hear someone shoot, you recognize if they're using an MP5, an M4, an AK, etc., what have you. Even if those guns are equipped with silencers, there are different sounds for each gun's shot.
Like I said, this does not cover all the aspects of a game's sound, it shows a level of detail and how articulate Infinity Ward was.

Well, I truly hope that this has helped anyone who has read it. And I know my review is late in the game, but I wanted to make sure a review that Call of Duty 4 deserved was up. I tried to leave out any spoilers for anyone who hasn't played.
hidetheclownGood review, but you didn't really mention multiplayer ;)
Posted by hidetheclown on 07 Jun 09 at 18:30
UlteriorDesertAlso dissapointed with no mp but I had to give you pos vote, I mean you described the sound!!
Posted by UlteriorDesert on 27 Jul 10 at 11:52
I enjoyed this review because it did not highlight the multiplayer which I consider overrated, the campaign is flawless IMO
Posted on 06 Feb 11 at 18:48
Spoooookygood post
Posted by Spoooooky on 28 Apr 11 at 18:59
GGstuffnice review, halo 3 had awful graphics though lol. looked like an orig. xbox game
Posted by GGstuff on 27 Jun 11 at 11:48
Posted by FIVWPPJ on 02 Jul 12 at 21:20