Dash of Destruction Review by CHRI5T0PH5R

19 Apr 2009
5 18 3
First thing to notice about this mini game to have been found free on the marketplace is that the plot is a bit crap(pardon my language). There really is no wonder to why the game was free and having a T-Rex chase a van of Dorito's crisps around a few roads while wrecking buildings, so it can have spikes and armor put on it is ridiculous. The graphics are not too good, but that may explain why it was free for a day. The achievements are easy and when you can play as the helpless truck driver, trying to escape the T-Rex you feel small, but as the T-Rex the game is more entertaining and which achievemnts around every corner every few minutes, the 200 Gamerscore is something easy to get. If you got it, then easy G's but if not, there really is no point in buying it because it is not too good and something else will be better around the corner on the marketplace
ERIKDOTCOMI'd have to disagree with you and Porsche's reviews on the part where you lean towards the fact that it isn't fun. This was probably the funnest easy-gamerscore game I've played. I honestly enjoyed this game although I'll admit, it doesn't have really any replay value at all.
Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 13 Jun 09 at 02:40
Smokin JoeyBI found it frustrating tbh.
Posted by Smokin JoeyB on 17 Jun 09 at 15:11
TarvuI thought the plot was brilliant.
Posted by Tarvu on 17 Jun 09 at 17:54