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Kick a 60+ yard Field Goal (no OTP)

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26 Sep 2010
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I got it with Mason Crosby for the Packers. Got to where it was about 60+ yds on the field and had unlimited rewinds selected, missed the first one and nailed it on the 2nd try. I aimed the arrow all the way down so it would get the distance. You can also edit the stats for mason crosby maxing his kicking power and accuracy. Then goto My Madden>My Setting>Special Teams and max out the kicking power and accuracy slider.
JLogan2763 yards, 1st try. Thanks!
Posted by JLogan27 on 19 Mar 12 at 16:46
RAVIOLICAPONIIm having problems, firs off I made the goal twice in one game more than 60 yards no achievement. Also, I have it set to unlimited rewinds but for some reason it only will give me one rewind and thats it.
Posted by RAVIOLICAPONI on 20 Sep 12 at 00:57
NastyMastaDaddyTry it with rewinds off and if that doesn't work then clear you cache.
Posted by NastyMastaDaddy on 20 Sep 12 at 18:57
ChizzyI edited the sliders, tried it with Jankowski and this guy both at like 62 or 63 yards away and they come up short every time. Why?
Posted by Chizzy on 19 Feb 14 at 15:25
Falcon SVNI guess some people can't write a complete solution!
Posted by Falcon SVN on 12 Sep 15 at 23:53