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Peggle Professor

Complete every level in Challenge Mode and even the Peggle Masters will be impressed.

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20 Apr 2009
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Just a quick note on the 750k achievement:

After searching the net for 'tricks' to try to complete this achievement, the most consistent way I found to score 750k is on the 'Beyond Reason' level with Hu (Not Warren, as most people suggest).

Try to clear all of the orange pegs that are not in the helix without hitting the helix too many times. Also, leave some blue pegs near the lower part of the helix for an upcoming 'bank shot'.

Use a bank shot off of the wall to put a gap in the helix (at least 2 pegs wide). Then hit a green peg, and with your next ball (your 'zen ball') try to bank off a blue and let Master Hu guide the ball into your gap in the helix.

You won't end up with 13 million points (like some of those youtube vids), but you can somewhat consistenly finish with 750k - 1m points. It took me about 10 tries to get the achievement - but then showing my wife how I did it later I got 900k on the first try.

This achievement IS frustrating, but wait until you get it - the feeling is euphoric!

Hope this helps you!
FafhrddI am a little confused when you say "750k achievement". I don't see an achievement for 750k points or am I missing something? Are you talking about the 750k points in the challenge levels?
Posted by Fafhrdd on 21 Apr 09 at 14:32
xbox4xmas07I'm sorry - you're correct. I meant the achievement for passing all of the challenges (the 'Peggle Professor' achievement), and specifically the challenge level that requires you to get 750k points.

Thanks for the clarification!
Posted by xbox4xmas07 on 21 Apr 09 at 18:52
FafhrddThis is how I got that challenge cleared. Zen all the way!
Posted by Fafhrdd on 22 Oct 09 at 20:55
N4rvickThis works perfectly, it only took me a few tries to nail it. I happened to clear all the orange pegs too and I got 2.6 million :) The only difference I did is bank it off the wall instead of a blue peg at the bottom.
Posted by N4rvick on 16 Jul 10 at 00:15
TD2013So I read over this and I'm still a little confused on peg placement. Do you want to enter the helix from the bottom? Could you link a YouTube vid that relates to how you go about doing this? Sorry if I'm being to much of a nuisance.
Posted by TD2013 on 13 Jul 11 at 04:35
Tricky34Wow mate, not played this game in months. And I just got this challenge on my first attempt (1,214,060).
Posted by Tricky34 on 31 Jan 13 at 22:05
magikman79I tried for days & couldnt get enough points on beyond reason with the owl, I finally got it with the rabbit. Triple Points FTW!
Posted by magikman79 on 26 Nov 14 at 15:06
ToningBowl32875Followed this guide and got on the 3rd try, NICE!
Posted by ToningBowl32875 on 23 Jun 16 at 04:36
SchiZoPHreNiikz1st try 940k points!
Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 30 Nov 16 at 00:54