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27 Sep 2010
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If you're still having problems with "Alleys of the Den" there's another way which I personally found to be easier.
You need to have the premium DLC (the one that costs MS points) or have a friend who does that can host the game.
Then simply use the Agency Race Car as it is small enough to fit through all the tight spots, but also has very good brakes, handling and acceleration.
I was able to do it first try this way, even with a few bad mistakes.
JonesyboyukUsed this method and easily beat time despite making some big mistakes. Thanks!
Posted by Jonesyboyuk on 14 Oct 10 at 13:30
thearchangelMI found this to be the best method. After trying countless other cars and solutions I used the peace keeper race car and beat it my first try with 10 seconds to spare.
Posted by thearchangelM on 19 Jan 12 at 18:46
SinisterPhoenixAgreed... best method.
Posted by SinisterPhoenix on 06 Sep 12 at 10:14
Kez001Agreed. Was gonna get the DLC anyway to get the 100% completion, so, after trying this race a few times with other cars, I went ahead and grabbed it, smashed 3 or 4 walls pretty hard, needed to back up a few times, got hung up on the pylon things and STILL cleared it with 7 or 8 seconds to spare.
Posted by Kez001 on 13 Mar 13 at 21:18
Greggie SmallzzMost def the way to go with this achievement. The peacekeeper race car recovers so much better from the hard stops you will run into, and squeezes right through the yellow cones halfway through. Pay the 5 bucks, you're going to get all the achievements anyway... :D
Posted by Greggie Smallzz on 08 Nov 13 at 05:15
S4LUT3t0LUN4CYBest solution for this particular race, crashed more than a few times and beat it with 3 seconds to spare.
Posted by S4LUT3t0LUN4CY on 27 Jan 14 at 21:53
DarKenshin13mate it drives me mad when people cannot spell the name correctly, you mean the PEACEKEEPER RACE CAR , not the Agency Race Car. That's a whole different car altogether!
Posted by DarKenshin13 on 02 May 15 at 01:27

I don't have the game anymore to check, but this wiki calls it the same so whatever...
Posted by Rocha12 on 02 May 15 at 09:37
Thrawn526Great tip, not having to have nearly pixel perfect aim on some of the openings really helps finishing the race within the time limit. Now if only the AI weren't so stupid to dive in front of the speeding car...
Posted by Thrawn526 on 15 Mar 19 at 02:31