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Get 30 combos in any mode!

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19 Sep 2008
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Several of the mini games are suitable for getting this. For example go into Training Mode and select Bouncing Ball in the Focus group. No need to rush as there is plenty of time to do 30.
BeanpotterIt doesn't matter what difficulty you choose either, so keep it on easy and pick a game you're good at. You do have to get 30 answers correct in a row for it to count as a combo.
Posted by Beanpotter on 18 May 09 at 12:11
simplydebestif your struggling to get this why not take advantage of the start/pause button.
As soon as the question appears hit it and take your time to work it out (as this freezes the time).
Posted by simplydebest on 07 Jul 09 at 20:22
CurtiesonAlso, this is just imposible on some games. You can get 100% Fast and some games simply do not ask you a question every 3 seconds. Or, like can take 3+ seconds to get the "fast" responce.
Posted by Curtieson on 23 Mar 10 at 13:30