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Hold 5+ victory points at once in an online Free for All in Chaos Rising.

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27 Sep 2010
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This one is very hard to get without boosting, but thankfully its easily boosted. What you have to do is go into a public Free For All match and hold 5 victory points at once. There are 7 on each FFA map but with 5 other players its a tough achievement.

However much like King of the Hill you only need one other player to set up a matched and boost so this is probably your best bet.
Tnt TaurusThanks man !
Posted by Tnt Taurus on 26 May 11 at 19:25
NonfaithThis only works with 3 or more players now. Game automatically scales down the map with only 2.
Posted by Nonfaith on 10 Jan 12 at 16:31
GatorFistDo it in a custom game, it works fine with 2.
Posted by GatorFist on 01 Mar 12 at 03:30