TimeShift Review by CHRI5T0PH5R

22 Apr 2009
4 8 0
Timeshift was popular was some time but the multiplayer function is not used very much and finding anyone to play would be lucky. The game has a good storyline and is a game that no other game has to offer in the manner of the ability to go past in time, go in slow motion and pause time. The game is great in single player andf has some easy enough achievements to get. The game is first person shooter and has a big variety of weapons and is fun to play. The graphics are not the best but in this game, it does not really matter too much. The game has vehicles to drive and follows a storyline of the main character(unknown and not known what they look like) who goes back in time using a suit(which makes the character unknown)and is intend in killing a bad guy, who has turned the world into a wrecked place and find and kill him to end the madness.
The multiplayer offers at least half a dozen different game modes and 14 maps to play on. There is dlc which adds more fun to play on(if only there was enough people to play with though). The game online offers the same functions as in singleplayer and the same weapons, but no vehicles. There is nothing more to say, and due to it been unpopular, it deserves 3 stars.