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Beaten Thorn

Kameo defeated the Troll King Thorn!

Beaten Thorn0
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22 Apr 2009
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You will get this achievement when you beat the game by defeating King Thorn.

Doing so is not as difficult as it first appears. First, equip the Eye of Strength, this will increase the strength of your attacks. Now, mercilessly batter Thorn with Rubble's Stone Storm attack. Every so often, Thorn will summon other enemies - you should ignore them and focus your attacks on Thorn. The other enemies will disappear as you beat on him.

If your health starts to get low, equip the Eye of Restoration, switch to Kameo, and fly around a little while to restore your health. Be sure to re-equip the Eye of Strength, then go back to Rubble and keep beating on Thorn until he goes down.

At this point, Kalus (Kameo's evil sister) will come to try and resurrect Thorn. Switch to Chilla and fire ice spikes into her until she goes down. Ignore all enemy attacks, they won't affect your aim.

That's it, you've beaten the game, congratulations!
HiradCI would add that I had to change to Thermite whenever Thorn picked up his morning star as the range on it is too far to be able to carry on using Rumble.
Posted by HiradC on 13 Feb 11 at 00:22
Christian DoeI also used Thermite during the second half of the fight, when Thorn started jumping all around the place. I strafed around him and shot him from a distance. Whenever I ran out of ammo or my health got low, I would switch back to Kameo and pick up the health left on the ground by the other enemies.

I'd like to point out that the battle can be won without using any Eye, but it takes some patience (nearly an hour for me including 3-4 retries).
Posted by Christian Doe on 27 Jul 11 at 14:07
SirSwirlljust spam him with Thermite, god what a shit guide
Posted by SirSwirll on 21 Oct 14 at 00:23
terranjetmanTransform to 40 below and use it's spinning attack. You will be *invincible* while spinning (that's a glitch I think) and chipping off the Thorn's energy bit by bit to defeat him in no time (even faster if you upgrade the 40 below's spirit). Once spirit is depleted, just ran away and come back spinning when it replenishes (or switch quickly between the characters). This glitch makes Thorn the easiest boss in the game!
Posted by terranjetman on 17 Jan 15 at 01:03
Chronic KillerI was playing on x1 and I beat thorn but achievement never popped, does anyone know a fix?
Posted by Chronic Killer on 03 Apr 16 at 00:09