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This time it's personal

Wreck a Blur developer on Xbox LIVE, or anyone with this Achievement

This time it's personal0
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30 Sep 2010
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This is a viral achievement. As more people get it, it will be easier to obtain. Simply wreck someone online and you will most likely get it. If not, just keep trying. You'll get it eventually.

TIP: Try stocking up on power-ups.

For example: A shunt (heat seeking missile), mine ( can be put behind you or shot in front of you holding Left Stick forward), and the bolt power-up ( 3 pink bolts). Shoot them with shunt, drive in front of them and lay down mine, then shoot 3 bolts behind.

TIP 2: You can do any sort of "combo" of power-ups. Shock, barge, mine, shunt, and bolt.