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Team Training

Play a Practice Match with your online Pro Club

Team Training0
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EnAN0 ERSEnAN0 ERS262,258
01 Oct 2010
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all you need to do is
1. create a virtual pro
2. go to the virtual pro menu and click where it says pro clubs.
3. pick the option to make a club.
4. go through all the requirements of starting a club, when you finish invite a friend or someone to join the team. if the person is having trouble findiing your team tell them to press the option to join "a friends club" and tell them to choose the club you created.
5. when you and someone else join the club, both of you must be in the clubs lobby. to do this you must press "play a match"
6. after you do this you will be able to pick yous position. while youre picking your position press Y and set the game settings to practice match.
7. when you set the match to practice press accept. after this both of you have to press X and the game will begin.
8. the achievement is yours.
EnAN0 ERSno problem
Posted by EnAN0 ERS on 04 Oct 10 at 13:03
SquAshyyy94An y chance that I could do this on the same console with my brother or a mate?
Posted by SquAshyyy94 on 04 Oct 10 at 21:56
EnAN0 ERSi dont think you can do it with the same console because your brother or friend needs to have a virtual pro
Posted by EnAN0 ERS on 05 Oct 10 at 14:13
I Touch Zombiesis anyone else having the problem that it always freezes at the point where the practice match is loading while your in the arena?

Any fixs?
Posted by I Touch Zombies on 30 Apr 11 at 17:03