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Obtain all available weapons.

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23 Apr 2009 15 Mar 2011
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Stockpile every available weapon. Some weapons you will find in game, others you have to buy from a shop. If you pass the point where you may have found a weapon, but missed it, it will still become available for purchase via the shop.


M92F - N 2,000 - Given to you at the butchery in Chapter 1-1. Obtaining this gun is part of the story progression.
H&K P8 - N 4,000 - Unlocked to buy at the store during the play through of the game.
SIG P226 - N 4,000 - Unlocked to buy at the store during the play through of the game.
M93R - N 30,000 - Unlocked to by at the store after completely upgrading the M92F.


Ithaca M37 - N 2,000 - In Chapter 1-2, after the short clip focusing on the broken ladder, go around to the opposite side of the building. Use the assist jump on the broken ladder on this side to acquire a key. Follow through until you see the cut scene where the girl is dragged into the house, and look to your map. Use the key on the small locked building opposite the large building where your objective is, and you will find the Ithaca hanging on the wall.
M3 - N 4,000 - In chapter 3-3, when you get off the boat to open the second gate, take out all the Majini along the gate ( to ensure they do not man the mounted guns), turn around and run back towards the boats. You will have to jump down onto the walkway. You will find the M3 in a weapon case along the right hand side.
Jail Breaker - N 4,000 - In chapter 6-1, after getting inside the ship, you will come to stairs going down. While your going down, Sheeva will question how you will find Wesker in such a large ship. At the bottom of the stairs, you will find the Jail Breaker in a weapon case.
Hydra - N 30,000 - Unlocked for purchase at the shop after completely upgrading the Ithaca M37.

Machine Guns

VZ61 - N 2,000 - Towards the end of Chapter 1-1, after the Executioner Majini has broken through the gate, run down towards the sealed gate and you will see a small fenced area to the right. The VZ61 can be found in a weapon case in this fenced area.
AK-74 - N 4,000 - In chapter 5-1, after passing the animal test cages and the room with the first two Lickers, you will pass a door on the right as you go towards the stairs. The AK-74 is inside a weapon case in this room.
H&K MP5 - N 2,000 - At the start of Chapter 2-1, this weapon is inside a weapon case directly in front of you as you start.
SIG 556 - N 4,000 - In chapter 5-2, when you pass the conveyor belt of explosive battles, as you move towards the corpse conveyor belt you will find this machine gun in a weapon case on a table.


S75 - N 2,000 - After passing through the docks, when the helicopter assists you in killing a group of crossbow Majini in cover, as you progress further a group of Majini will burst out of a red-doored boat house. The S75 is in a weapon case inside this boat house.
Dragunov SVD - N 4,000 - During Chapter 2-2, after making your way through the mines and encountering Irving, you will be left in a room after Irvings escape. instead of heading down the stairs to the left, you will see two windows to your front. The Dragunov SVD can be found in the locker left of these windows, and is especially handy for taking out the trap waiting for you below.
H&K PSG-1 - N 4,000 - In Chapter 5-3, after walking along the walkway with the Reapers, you will have to trigger a generator to use a moving platform. The sniper rifle is in a weapon case in the generator room.


S&W M29 - N 4,000 - In Chapter 3-1, after completing the four pieces of the emblem and unlocking the door, you will pass through a swamp and come to a large area with two paths around a circular area. Take the right path and you will come to a dead soldier surrounded by a wooden fence. The soldier has the first magnum on his body. Note that upon picking up the magnum, the Majini spring a trap and seal off the area using the trap spikes at each entrance. If this is not something you can risk, trigger the boss fight ( the two Big Majini ) and kill all the Majini before getting the magnum.
Lightning Hawk - N 5,000 - In Chapter 5-3, during the Wesker fight, have Wesker knock you through the blue door ( investigate it to trigger the cutscene ), and run up the stairs. Keep going and you will come to two rooms filled with coffins and pots. There is a big chest that requires an assist to open, so be sure to constantly tap B as you run towards it so Sheeva will not default to fighting Jill. Amongst the treasure inside the chest, you will find this magnum.
S&W M500 - N 30,000 - Unlocked for purchase at the shop after completely upgrading the S&W M29.

Misc. Weapons

Grenade Launcher - N 10,000 - In Chapter 4-1, when you get to the big ruins with all the statues, after telling Sheeva to wait at the rope for the first statue, go back but instead of turning left to loop around to the other rope, go straight ahead. You will find yourself in another quadrant of the ruins, where the Grenade Launcher sits inside a weapon case.
Rocket Launcher - N 10,000 - In Chapter 3-1, get in the boat and bring up the map. Towards the north-west of the center area known as chicken island, there is a small line on the map. As you approach this location, you will find a shipwreck where you can dock. The rocket launcher is inside a weapon case at the tip of the ship wreck. Alternatively, this weapon can be unlocked with infinite ammo by completing the game in under 5 hours.
Stun Rod - N 3,000 - Unlocked at the shop during the general play through of the game.
Gatling Gun - N 50,000 - Unlock to buy by fully upgrading the VZ61 machine gun.
Longbow - N 50,000 - Unlock to by by fully upgrading the S75 rifle.


Hand Grenade - N/A - Dropped/found throughout the game.
Flash Grenade - N/A - Dropped/found throughout the game from Chapter 2-2 on.
Incendiary Grenade - N/A - Dropped/found throughout the game.
Proximity Bomb - N 1,500 - Can be found from Chapter 2-2 on. Especially abundant at the end of Chapter 2-2 during the boss fight.

Once you have all these items, the achievement will unlock the next time you visit your item management screen. If you quit past a checkpoint after obtaining the missing piece of your collection, simply go into Item Management to activate the achievement.

I am currently missing the stage you need to pass before the various guns unlock (those that are not found, but are made available to buy as you play through the game.). I will add in the chapter requirements as they are made available to me, and give proper credit when necessary.

There is speculation that the ammunition boxes are also required to meet this achievement, but Jyejitsu has confirmed otherwise, so you should be able to tick this off without having to have the different ammunition types in storage.
xWalkingDiseaseYou NEED the grenades. Flash/Incendary/Frag.
Posted by xWalkingDisease on 26 Apr 09 at 10:47
GnemlockYer I knew that. I originally didn't unlock the achievement, and wandered why and was informed by a source that it was grenades AND all types of ammo. I got Incendiary last, as I usually sell my grenades for gold, so am unsure whether it is ammo and grenades or simply grenades.
Posted by Gnemlock on 26 Apr 09 at 10:50
Chris1984ukThanks for the list now I know which ones I'm missing, just need to go through the game again to amass more gold. Normally just do the 'Chicken Island' level because thats quite treasure heavy but its getting a tad boring getting eaten by the SAME crocodile lol. +1 from me
Posted by Chris1984uk on 28 Apr 09 at 09:55
GnemlockI just did 5-2 over and over, killing the Lickers and repeating. Found it easier to get a smaller mass of treasure in a quicker time and to repeat that.
Posted by Gnemlock on 28 Apr 09 at 10:02
dupersude4-1 Caves will usually amass you with around 42k in treasure (if you kill the boss yourself for the soul gem, else its around 32k), takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. Full of pears/squares/trilliants/ovals/chests full of gold. Oh and theres a grenade launcher you can nab for another thousand gold.
Posted by dupersude on 19 May 09 at 02:35
TurboTony19Awesome list, good job. Will run through this soon to get the achievement.
Posted by TurboTony19 on 26 Aug 09 at 20:24
MRMIdAS2kIts Grenades, Possibly Eggs too, as the rotten egg does damage.

I got the achievement without machine gun, explosive, or electric ammo, it popped when I finished a chapter, after collecting a Stun Grenade.
Posted by MRMIdAS2k on 08 Sep 10 at 16:10
The GlobalizerFYI, the S75 is in Chapter 2-1, for those who were wondering.
Posted by The Globalizer on 12 Sep 10 at 16:43
JyejitsuI can confirm 100% that you don't need all ammo types since I was missing 1 (Explosive rounds for the grenade launcher) ammo type. It popped for me when I bought the bomb thing. Thumbs up for the good solution though
Posted by Jyejitsu on 09 Mar 11 at 09:00
Gnemlockahh cool. i had heard otherwise from other people. so thats good to hear
Posted by Gnemlock on 11 Mar 11 at 15:40
cetti1I have all weapon upgrade achievements but not this.
What´s wrong?
Posted by cetti1 on 28 May 11 at 22:01
Gnemlockhave you got atleast one frag, incendary and flash grenade in your stash?
Posted by Gnemlock on 28 May 11 at 23:08
Posted by cetti1 on 29 May 11 at 09:23
GnemlockProximity bombs? Ammo and eggs?
Posted by Gnemlock on 29 May 11 at 22:32
DAMIV Zombiefor money i did 5-3 till i collected the second power stone. theres also a jewel you can get in the very beginning to. but once you get the second power stone just quit and sell. it two power stones and a sapphire (marquise) all goes for a totally of 13,000. it takes only about 4 minutes. and there is usually grenades that are dropped.
Posted by DAMIV Zombie on 06 Jun 11 at 08:21
Sedgendary@cetti1 - all of the misc weapons and explosives do not have any upgrades so double check that you have at least one of each
Posted by Sedgendary on 13 Aug 11 at 06:12
Solario32Thanks for the tip Zombie.
Posted by Solario32 on 19 Sep 11 at 23:01
GnemlockYou need to have all the weapons at the same time, yes.
Posted by Gnemlock on 15 Dec 11 at 00:00
thx i did not know i needed Grenades! :D
Posted on 22 Apr 12 at 16:49
Metamania2313Just so you know, if anyone is looking for a flash grenade, just select 4-1 in the chapter select menu. Right at the beginning, you will get one in one of the jars that you smash.
Posted by Metamania2313 on 27 Jun 12 at 13:51
Gnemlockitems appear randomly in smashed objects. So while you may get a flash grenade in the jar at the beginning of 4-1, it is a random chance and not definite.
Posted by Gnemlock on 03 Aug 12 at 09:06
JaggexedgeI helped a friend get this achievement today, he was able to get the achievement without needing all the eggs (However, it might be possible that you just need the rotten egg).
Posted by Jaggexedge on 10 Aug 12 at 06:11
GnemlockThe rotten egg is used as a weapon, where as the others are used for healing (as I remember). In theory you should only need the rotten egg, but this is untested.
Posted by Gnemlock on 21 Aug 12 at 06:09
FedderTheGunThe Gatling and Longbow is unlocked by completing all chapters.. Not by upgrades for VZ61 and S75..
Posted by FedderTheGun on 26 Aug 12 at 20:46
FedderTheGunSry my mistake! you'll have to upgrade and finish the chapters..
Posted by FedderTheGun on 26 Aug 12 at 23:00
netstrykerSince all weapons can be purchased, this is a easy achievement. Anyway your guide is great.
Posted by netstryker on 03 Apr 19 at 04:43