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Head of the Class

Play a complete round with every class.

Head of the Class0
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07 Oct 2010
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This can be obtained on x-box live, or on system link.

The "classes" are each individual person. Don't get that confused with thinking offense, defense, or support are the classes.

If you are doing this through x-box live, simply choose a character and play. When that game ends, choose a different character and play another game. I suggest starting with the scout and working your way right. That way it makes it easier to track who you still have to play with.

You can also get this achievement alone. Simply go to system link, and host a game. It doesn't matter if you are attacking, defending, or capturing points. (actually it doesn't even matter if you win or lose) Just pick a map that you can finish fairly quickly and put the round limit to 1. Then choose a character (-again i recommend the scout and working through the classes to the right-). Once you've played through each round with each class achievement should pop up.

this will also help in your Dynasty achievement. Because you are already well on your way to 20 wins by the time you've gone through each class.
Mental Knight 5Excellent description. I didn't understand why most of these Team Fortress 2 achievements aren't designated as "Online Required" on this site, but now I do! Can't believe they let you start a game with no one but your lonely self. Thanks!
Posted by Mental Knight 5 on 06 Feb 12 at 06:21
Thanatos03@mental thanks :). It's little things like this that make grinding easier to handle.
Posted by Thanatos03 on 06 Feb 12 at 08:05
TwistAwesome 'chiev description dude. Really helped get my head around it haha :P
Posted by Twist on 14 Apr 12 at 23:57
Wise Cognizantcant pick the spy class any reason?
Posted by Wise Cognizant on 12 Sep 12 at 18:44
Thanatos03@tarekegypt not sure. I'll check tonight and see if I have the same issue. But I'd guess the Xbox or disk is acting up.
Posted by Thanatos03 on 12 Sep 12 at 19:30