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Get a total of 100 sniper rifle kills in Team or Solo matches with at least 5 gamertags in the room

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25 Apr 2009
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This is pretty straightforward, kill 100 people with a sniper rifle. When getting into a match make sure to hit RBumper until your class is M(for Marksman) if it's not your default as this will give you bonuses with sniper rifles, which are listed as Marksman when choosing a weapon. This achievement is surprisingly easy. GRAW 2 has relatively large maps so sniping is always a viable option on all but a few maps such as Lagoon and Fort where the terrain is made for short range combat. It also helps that sniper rifles work well as close range weapons. You can tap the trigger rapidly while not looking through the scope and the rifle will act like a super powered pistol with a larger clip.

The best rifle for long range combat is the M107 as it is extremely accurate and kills with one shot no matter where you shoot them. I've only once seen someone survive a M107 shot. If you simply don't have the patience to snipe grab either the SRD 25 or the 30 round sniper rifle that looks like an M4 and use it like an assault rifle on semi auto. It works well, too well in my opinion.

Be patient and you'll get this.
Tm5kI already have this achievement, but just curious for those still going for it: anyone know if you can get this killing AI characters in Co-Op, or do you need to kill 100 human players?
Posted by Tm5k on 09 Jun 10 at 00:45
K0mradeThis is a multiplayer achievement. You need to be killing human opponents.
Posted by K0mrade on 09 Jun 10 at 03:49