3 on 3 NHL Arcade Review by

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3on3 NHL hockey has easy achievements, good graphics, and co-op/multiplayer system. In my opinion... I WANT MY MONEY BACK!angry
I thought when I buy a sports game that they'll make me play them for hours & hours without being bored with them. I was unfortanualty wrong in this case, I want my 800MSP back only becuase this game isnt worth $10... maybe $5, but not $10.cry
I got 200GS in exchange for 800MSP, not a fair deal if you ask me.
Maybe wait 'till this game goes down to 400... I wish I did!
Overall a 3/5, the boring aspect of it takes away a point, and so does the difficulty (I got nearly all of my achievements on HARD).
HurballI just got it for 200 points. Easy GS. Average game at best but I wasn't expecting anything to be honest. If I wanted to play an NHL game I'd buy one of the full releases instead.
Posted by Hurball on 07 Dec 10 at 15:15
Paully05You bought an arcade sports game, they are usually much different than the full games. By the full NHL game and you'll have many hours of play out of that. Never expect an arcade sports game to take very long to be bored of.
Posted by Paully05 on 28 Apr 11 at 03:52