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Long Jump

Jump 300 feet.

Long Jump0
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21 Sep 2008
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I find this one to be pretty tough, because I can never seem to get the portal placement perfect. Follow the included video and you should get it eventually. The video also shows you how to get the Terminal Velocity achievement.
You got neither there, the fall 30,000 feet is for much longer, and the jump 300 feet doesnt count unless you properly jump.
Posted on 24 Jan 09 at 02:11
OtisFamily1. The video is not mine.
2. Why would someone take up the ~10 minutes it takes to get the 30k feet and waste video space just to show you falling?
3. The video shows proper portal placement, it's not meant to show you the little popup that proves the achievement.
Posted by OtisFamily on 24 Jan 09 at 04:03
HighdelbergerGot this through a glitch totally to my advantage. Created 2 portals and died.
I respawned directly in one of the portals and got out off the other, achievement unlocked :)
Posted by Highdelberger on 21 May 09 at 10:40
Puck269The jump portion didn't work, I used the other technique listed on the page and got it within 2 tries.
Posted by Puck269 on 29 May 10 at 02:23