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Maxed Out All Character Levels

Make all your characters level 99.

Maxed Out All Character Levels+0.6
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Astute VagabondAstute Vagabond719,495
27 Apr 2009
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The fastest way i found to do this was to head to the southern deserted island where the golden poo snake spawns, equip dog collar for the stink effect aswell as shoes of hermes and poo bracelet for faster kills.

Lei helps get to lvl99 faster as gives extra 50% exp and just keep killing it giving 1010 exp each time.

Also each kill gives 10sp and a random amount of gold between 0 and 40000 so can help towards the class achievements and gold achievement at the same time
The Golden Poo Snake method is by far and away the fastest method to grind XP, I agree. You can get more XP from the 4 Zebra Poo Snakes in the starting area of Ancient Ruins - Forest, 4 times as much per fight actually, however this is done by linking 4 fights together, leaving an area, and returning, rinse, repeat. In the time it took you to get the 4 in the circle (damn annoying sometimes with the chest in the way), then maybe a 90 second fight, leaving, coming back etc., you could have beaten Golden Poo 5+ times. The added bonus of Golden Poo as well, as you stated, is you get 10SP per fight, with Black Belts/Eyepatch equipped that becomes 20SP, a great way to grind your shadows at the same time as XP.
Posted on 24 Feb 12 at 09:19
SaracinAlso you should give the person doing the killing the skills Loot and Treasure Hunt so you can try and get Guardian Hearts off the Poo's while you're at it.
Posted by Saracin on 01 Jan 13 at 10:32