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Warrior's Path

Gladiator was defeated.

Warrior's Path0
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28 Apr 2009
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As you fight Gladiator, he is invincible. In order to be able to hurt him, all you have to do is flip all four of the switches located at each corner of the platform. Once you do this, just attack him as long as you can until he becomes invincible again. Then just do the same thing until he is defeated.
Straight Blazenwell done
Posted by Straight Blazen on 14 Aug 09 at 03:38
KirklessIs there any way to avoid taking damage while you are trying to turn on the four switches? I'm on hard mode and can barely even make it around a full time without him shooting beams that deplete my party.
Posted by Kirkless on 30 Dec 10 at 02:00