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Zen and the Art of Reloading

Perform 25 perfect active reloads (on any difficulty)

Zen and the Art of Reloading0
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Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter891,686
04 Aug 2008 02 Jun 2011
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This most likely will be the first achievement you get in this game. Just get 25 active reloads.

If you look up in the top right corner when you reload a slider will start moving, reload when it gets in the white part, that is an active reload, 25 times and its yours.

Note: Any active reloads in multiplayer also count towards this achievement.
Vulker707I would just like to add that this can be done in a multiplayer match as well.
Posted by Vulker707 on 02 Jun 11 at 02:30
Crimson Driftercool, I'll add that in
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 02 Jun 11 at 06:41
Solario32A perfect description as well.
Posted by Solario32 on 14 Sep 11 at 17:12
LavoffyThis was actually my 4th achievement I got from the game. The first was Zen and the art of reloading part 2 lol headspin. Very easy achievement that most people can get over time, except for Anthony Carmine RIP. cry
Posted by Lavoffy on 28 Oct 19 at 00:37