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Go through every dialog with Lucy.

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30 Apr 2009
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For the Conversationalist achievement you need to talk to Lucy after every time you wake up, until she tells you "I think you should go lay down" or something along the lines of that statement.

Here's a breakdown of the conversations to make sure that you have :

AFTER Memory Block 1 (this is after you drop the logs from the tower):

Desmond - "ran away from farm"

Desmond - "motorcycle license" (talks about how they found Desmond, by running name through DMV)

Memory Block 2:

Lucy : "we have a deadline"

Desmond : "why do they talk like they're from the future?"

Desmond : "Tell me more about Abstergo"

Memory Block 3:
Desmond : "why's he always yelling at you?"

Desmond : "what do you mean, you're a prisoner?"

[This is where you go into your room, DONT go to bed. Get access code from closet that is now open. Go to sleep, wake up next morning, and walk up behind the doc while he's standing facing the window. This is when you steal his pen so you can access computers]

Memory Block 4:

Lucy : "assassins coming to rescue you"

[Go to your room, DONT sleep, instead turn around and get out of your room. Go check computer and read all the emails. now zzzzzzz]

Memory Block 5:

Desmond : "problem with the animus"

Desmond : "using me to find the templar treasure?"

Desmond : "what's that mean, everything's Denver?"

[Go to room, dont sleep, check for more emails]

Memory Block 6:

Lucy : "I'm sorry Desmond" (Achievement unlocked after this lengthy dialogue)
Andean007Thanks so much I printed this solution off and it was very helpful
Posted by Andean007 on 23 Jan 11 at 04:03
Apostle92627I forgot to steal the pen after memory block 3 so I exited the animus and I was still able to still it.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 18 Aug 18 at 04:40
Apostle92627I just got this achievement. It was my last one for 1,000 GS and took me two years off and on. Thank you for this very helpful and informative guide.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 23 Aug 18 at 01:11
AsG FearmeWhy can't I speak to Lucy after memory block 3?, after I woke up, I got the access code and went to bed and cat speak to Lucy?
Posted by AsG Fearme on 17 Feb 19 at 08:18
Corymonster1Very helpful and well laid out guide, thanks a bunch!
Posted by Corymonster1 on 04 Mar 20 at 06:59
Moving20I also needed to read Lucy's emails on her computer for it to unlock.
Posted by Moving20 on 08 Dec 20 at 16:37
Ultramarine360finally...after 4 playthroughs and 14 years
Posted by Ultramarine360 on 30 Aug at 12:14