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11: The Old Tribes

Complete "The Old Tribes"

11: The Old Tribes0
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01 May 2009
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I got stuck on this one for a bit in the shuttle when you have 4 landing pods, 3 protected by forcefields.

Once you shut down the fields and activate switches then you need to shoot the centre of the landing area to open a shutter, get back in the shuttle and use LT to aim at the block in the shutter and keep holding LT to drag it out.

Do this to the other landing pods and you'll open some portals and enemies will start coming again, you can then go up at the now open vent.

Rest of the level is fairly easy to follow
Sneaky Tr00perthanks alot i was stuck of this bit for ages
Posted by Sneaky Tr00per on 06 May 10 at 14:02
Godfather1504Accurate solution, thanks.
Posted by Godfather1504 on 05 Mar 13 at 15:27