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Mix It Up

Win a ranked match in every versus game type

Mix It Up0
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Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter840,099
04 Aug 2008
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Simply win a ranked match on each game type: Warzone, Execution, and Assassination. To speed it up search/host for 1 round matches.

Annex does not apply to this achievement.

You MUST be on the winning team for it to count towards this achievement.
STZ513I have won every match type except Annex and no achievement.
Posted by STZ513 on 29 Aug 09 at 00:04
Crimson DrifterMight be glitched, but never heard of it having any problems popping. Try clearing your cache and then re downloading the update and win a match on each game type again.
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 30 Aug 09 at 00:49
Sora401KI have the same problem with this. I think I've won every type. Im doing them all again to be sure.
Posted by Sora401K on 05 Jun 10 at 21:16
redlink13What about guardian or king of the hill?
Posted by redlink13 on 08 Feb 11 at 07:59
Tathar NumeUnlocked with no problems for me.
Posted by Tathar Nume on 31 Mar 11 at 17:57
Crimson Drifteryou're thinkin of Gears 2 redlink :)
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 09 Apr 11 at 20:10
Solario32Unlocked for me, and I did annex just to be safe.
Posted by Solario32 on 14 Sep 11 at 16:00
Puppetfacedoes anyone even play assassination anymore?
Posted by Puppetface on 15 Jul 12 at 06:56
AwakeDeadeyeI'm trying to get a match started and no one plays assassination... I managed to get lucky and get 1 on it's way but literally got boomshoted across the entire map...while I was behind cover.... almost at my spawn....
Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 26 Dec 13 at 13:27
AwakeDeadeyeNevermind, did it. I downed a guy and the whole enemy team ran to him and I killed them all with a single boomshot, it was priceless.
Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 26 Dec 13 at 14:19