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Parallel Park

Power Park with a 100% rating

Parallel Park0
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02 May 2009
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I did it on Casey pass which is right near the dam. you'll come to a stretch that has parked cars, then a super jump, then parked cars. I was able to complete the park right before the super jump. The part that makes this location easy is that the cars are parked right up against a wall so there is no way for you to go too far in, as long as you get around 180 degrees you should get the 100% and the achievement.
hatchywatchyNice video, if you happen to be Freeburning online you can do a similar technique by getting 2 other players to park next to a wall and you Power Park between them.
Posted by hatchywatchy on 07 Oct 09 at 08:08
MakkerThe thing I was missing after watching the video was the little burst of Boost he uses just as he turns in. I kept getting 90%s until I added the boost and then got the achievement 1st try. +1 from me.
Posted by Makker on 20 May 12 at 14:29
Just an FYI: While turning at the dam to have another try, I accidentally got this - behind one car (no car on my other side), and without boosting. I was driving the 500-GT (which hasn't got grip at all it seems).
Posted on 01 Aug 12 at 21:13
DonkeyBong71the Krieger Uberschall is a good car to do this with. you don't get it until late in the game, but u-turns are a piece of piss in it. i got this on a random attempt somewhere in the city without a wall and using no boost.
Posted by DonkeyBong71 on 16 Aug 13 at 13:12
RABBID W0LFWorked like a charm. Thanks, the ikusa gt ain't a bad car to get this on. toast
Posted by RABBID W0LF on 01 Dec 14 at 06:25