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Key To The City

Achieve 100% in "Game progress" statistic.

Key To The City+0.8
9 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.Cumulative + - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.Time Consuming - These achievements require at least 20 hours of play time to obtain.Buggy - - These achievements may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.
04 May 2009 04 May 2009
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this here link is better

it has a great, organised online checklist to get this ridiculous achievement--you can get all the info there instead of spending $20 on a guide. And you can track it all online with a password account--no printouts necessary.

CAUTION: i didnt realize til 1/2 way thru exactly what was required for this, and burned a bunch of hours because I missed a stranger early on.

ONE OPTION: first playthru strictly for fun, because its a great story. dont bother trying to get the collector achieves, because you'll have to do them again in the "Key" runthru.
Be smart and do Key to the City and the Liberty City Minute in the second (or first) run-thru in 20 or less hours.
I found the jumps very hard to find and to execute even with maps and walkthroughs, so be sure to save before making each jump attempt--sometimes you have to find a specific bike or car on each attempt, and that can really suck up the clock.
GiantBRthat worked perfectly to me. thanks!
Posted by GiantBR on 24 May 09 at 08:32
The GlobalizerFYI, you can make all of the jumps using either a Turismo or a motorcycle. There is a Turismo showroom near your safehouse east of Middle Park, and a motorcycle showroom in the north part of Alderney.
Posted by The Globalizer on 31 May 09 at 00:35
sadelacki used an NRG 900 from the motorcycle store in alderney for many of them--i read somewhere it was the fastest bike.
ADDENDUM: i screwed up on my saves, and had to repeat 150 of the pigeons, so be very careful where you left off and where you begin with this one, or you'll throw your controller into your HDTV. the only thing that saved me from madness was that i had saved pigeons and jumps for last. when the 100% didnt pop after the jumps, i checked my stats and had exactly 50 pigeons, so I knew what i had to do. whew. that rhymes.
Posted by sadelack on 04 Jun 09 at 05:16
HiEdI agree that that is the best website to use. By the way, if you have a small percentage left and you don't know what you missed, this page - - really helps narrow things down because it gives the different percentages and when they are awarded.

But there's no reason to try to do the jumps (the Dare Devil achievement) while the clock is ticking for the Liberty City Minute achievement. Easiest way to do the Liberty City Minute achievement is to restart the game, being careful not to overwrite your main save and just quickly do the story. (Using taxis helps a lot too because you get where you need to be instantly.)
Posted by HiEd on 09 Jun 09 at 05:18
xGSx REvOLuTiOnjust an fyi, there are cheat codes for the turismo and NRG900 that shouldn't block any achievements. I used them for the stunt jumps and also just to get around more easily. enter these numbers in your cellphone.

NRG900 ---> 625-555-0100
Turismo ---> 227-555-0147

Posted by xGSx REvOLuTiOn on 10 Jul 09 at 08:31
sadelackthats cool, because that's what took so long for the stunt jumps.
Posted by sadelack on 11 Jul 09 at 07:29
tnargusPigeons, whilst tedious, weren't as hard as the stunt jumps. Some of those were plain painful. The fact you have to get back to the starting point after you screw up a jump, argh. Achievement well worth it though, it's in my trophy case :D
Posted by tnargus on 15 Jul 09 at 06:52
eln0rteFor me the most draining was Stevie's car thefts. It was so boring and took so long.

Doing the pigeons was hardly riveting but one of the minor benefits is getting to see parts of the city you hadn't explored previously. This would have made it all perfectly bearable were it not for the fact I missed one of the pigeons the first time round and had to go back through the first fifty or so again. :(
Posted by eln0rte on 30 Oct 09 at 13:44
sadelacki agree--the sweat designers put into really remote areas-inside and out-- pays off with the pigeons and jumps cheeves. I feel with "key to the city" that I've really wrung out the chamois on GTAIV, really got my moneys worth--and i really haven't hit the multiplayer that much.
Posted by sadelack on 30 Oct 09 at 19:09
I used the interactive checklist for this and for getting 100% in TLaD its good evry1 shud use it.
Posted on 23 Dec 09 at 02:30
G0RILLA FINGERwhew... it's good to know that cheats don't block achievements because I've been spawning cars, motorcycles, and helicopters like nobody's business.
Posted by G0RILLA FINGER on 31 Mar 10 at 02:11
Limey ThumbHey guys. Remember to save at the very end if you're finished and still haven't got it. I was stuck on 98% wondering WTF I was missing, saved it to go to bed and up popped the achievement.
Posted by Limey Thumb on 08 May 10 at 21:24
Fury RangerIf u skip the videos will that affect getting this?
Posted by Fury Ranger on 12 Jun 10 at 17:51
sadelacki don't think so
Posted by sadelack on 13 Jun 10 at 22:47
SuperRichie03That site is awesome!!....thank you!!!
Posted by SuperRichie03 on 02 Jul 10 at 03:55
Leo AscendentSpoiler....

It's been while, but when you need to kill PBX or D, I didn't do much with D, would that be a problem?
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 18 Jul 10 at 19:50
UnboundVerminzThanks! Just got it, great site and solution!!
Posted by UnboundVerminz on 20 Nov 10 at 23:44
YUNDERSTANDI honestly have no idea what I'm missing, I'm at 98.75% and I've done everything on that list. ;-;
Posted by YUNDERSTAND on 03 Jun 11 at 01:08
Ninersfan4926Well, you're missing 1.25%, so it has to be one of the four activities. I would guess you didn't beat a friend at a FULL game of bowling, but it could be darts.
Posted by Ninersfan4926 on 12 Jun 11 at 08:28
diablo411i completed everything and now i am wondering what else i need i have like 98.33% of completion can anyone help?
Posted by diablo411 on 14 Jun 11 at 13:14
SoiledDoughnutdo you have to win the pool/darts/bowling games against each friend?
Posted by SoiledDoughnut on 27 Jul 11 at 12:49
General JouryOkay guys, how is this possible:
I looked at the Achievements of a friend of mine playing GTA... He had Key To The City, but no Collectible Achievement whatsoever! So how could he get 100% WITHOUT having all the collectibles... is it actually required or ? Thanks
Posted by General Joury on 02 Sep 11 at 21:47
Anatanahe probably got the collectible achievement offline, then recovered his account and lost it before gettin the Key. My friend did that with AC2, the only achievement he has at all for that game is the one you get for wearing the auditore cape in every city, it tarts people out
Posted by Anatana on 14 Sep 11 at 04:27
sillkentWhen i 100%ed GTA IV, I liked using turismos better than nrgs for stunt jumps
Posted by sillkent on 11 Jan 12 at 20:18
NmE Se7enxcan you get this achievement after you have beat the game then do all the activities and pedestrians missions and such?
Posted by NmE Se7enx on 29 Jan 12 at 20:25
DiscobadgererThat's exactly what I'm doing NmE. I managed to save over my old playthrough when getting Liberty City Minute, so I had done literally nothing but the main missions and it seems to be working fine now that I'm doing everything else.
Posted by Discobadgerer on 01 Feb 12 at 02:04
NmE Se7enxah thanks for the answer disco
Posted by NmE Se7enx on 09 Feb 12 at 16:05
C4R1S08I want to do this cheevo, but I'm a little stuck, i didn't keep track of the random characters and i don't know who is left, i dont want to continue this and be left with something like .5%. Does anyone know where i can go and find out who i still have to meet?
Posted by C4R1S08 on 23 Jul 12 at 13:27
has a very good breakdown on where and how to meet the random characters for "No More Strangers". I missed several stranger opportunities by not watching for the little icon on the map, making the wrong story tree decisions or failing the mission in one case, so read this guide closely with your playthrough.
Hope this helps!
You may have to do another playthrough if you don't have the right savepoint handy.
Posted by sadelack on 23 Jul 12 at 17:22
C4R1S08Thanks for your reply, i think i'm just going to give up on this game, i forgot how much i disliked the general play of this game, the camera angles are terrible, especially while driving, every time u turn the camera pans out to see the car sideways and u end up crashing as you cant see whats in front, controlling the car is horrible and not being bale to check if you have met which random character and how many times will make this too frustrating for me.
Posted by C4R1S08 on 24 Jul 12 at 12:36
sadelackTry the MP racing stuff--sheesh!
Posted by sadelack on 24 Jul 12 at 23:08
B rizzle098Thanks that really helped.
Posted by B rizzle098 on 02 Aug 12 at 21:33
S ProtoTypeI just got this achievement today! Most people have the pigeons as their last thing on the checklist and RoosterTeeth has a terrific 8-part guide for that which is very organized and easy to follow. Killing all 200 pigeons might seem tedious but it is so rewarding to kill that last pigeon and get 150 G.
Posted by S ProtoType on 15 Aug 12 at 05:58
ALI G 008I really need to know does the Liberty city minute achievement (30 hours) count towards the 100% achievement? Help as soon as possible please?
Posted by ALI G 008 on 18 Mar 13 at 22:57
BitsythAwesome checklist! just got it :D
Posted by Bitsyth on 05 May 13 at 14:02
BasanakinI did 13 random pedestrians, but there are 14 out there. Yet I got the random pedestrians achievement AND Key to the city. I missed either Clereance or Clarice.

For doing all the stunt jumps and pigeons: There are some good VIDEO guides out there. Last march somebyd made a very well made guide for the stunt jumps.

Another tip: I was worried i missed something near the end. The game said 98.33% for a while, but than I did 1 activity with Jacob and it jumped to 100%. So DONT WORRY!
Posted by Basanakin on 02 Jul 13 at 11:28
Nuka Cola CapHas anybody 100%ed balls of gay tony or lost and dammed successfully popping the key achievement much like other 'normal achievements' pop in DLC ???
Posted by Nuka Cola Cap on 23 Jul 13 at 13:29
Zombie123GuyIf anyone is frustrated with this achievement or any other achievement my roommate is happy to help you get any achievement you are trying to get. He only plays gta iv and has completed every achievement, and also for some of his friends. His gamer tag is - TektonikBeatz - Just message him and he will reply. He's a nice guy and is happy to help. I believe he can also help get tbogt and tlad achievements too, including the online ones.
Posted by Zombie123Guy on 29 Mar 16 at 20:00
OxymorfiendGreat website! +1
Posted by Oxymorfiend on 26 May 16 at 19:12
lllSTIFFLERlllim sttuck at 96.33% done all random people done all 50 stunt jumps done the 200 rat birds
finished the stoiry done the 9 races done 30 cars sold to steve done 10 of the imports done
done 10 drug packages and im pretty sure i have done all friends actiivs and won PLEASE HELP !!!! IM RIPING MY HAIR OUT ms me What am i bloody missing
Posted by lllSTIFFLERlll on 02 Jan 18 at 18:26
GodLike499Is there a way to track how many assassination missions you've done on the in-game stats page? I haven't played this game in awhile, and I can't remember if I've done them or not. I've finished the main story, but I haven't heard (or noticed) a phone ringing while running around killing the pidgins.
Posted by GodLike499 on 16 Oct 19 at 23:42