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05 May 2009
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This arcade is just like a Mario style game. "A" is to jump and "X" is to shoot. You can shoot the green "blobs," but not the red ones. I can't really explain it without going into extreme detail, so here are some videos. The videos are in order from lvl 1. (Mercury) to lvl 8. (Neptune).
jakson15How do you get to the (new) arcade ?
Posted by jakson15 on 10 Oct 09 at 15:42
montrossityYou have to complete all the new challenges in order for the puzzle to be built, then you talk to Klungo....I think.
Posted by montrossity on 27 Oct 09 at 05:12
Sh0ck nldfuck this is hard, been busy so long now, last level here we go
Posted by Sh0ck nld on 27 Jun 10 at 01:03
x20peoplemy achievement glitched for me i beat all of the levels TWICE and it doesnt pop up WTF i dont know what to do :(
Posted by x20people on 27 Aug 10 at 08:09
montrossitySorry, I can't help you. Try checking on achievement forums.
Posted by montrossity on 27 Aug 10 at 15:08
Lebowski1213This achievement glitched for me as well. Beat all the klungo levels and nothing. I even restarted and played thru the whole game again beat the LOG challenges did all the arcade again but still nothing. Also have cleared my cache to no avail. Seems to be no help on the net either. If anyone has a solution to to this please msg me. Really frustrating.......
Posted by Lebowski1213 on 28 Dec 10 at 10:35
ColtoN899The last level is SO hard! And this is supposed to be for kids...
Posted by ColtoN899 on 26 May 11 at 18:05
squat plepHi there,

I know a few people have had different achievements from the DLC glitch on them. Does anyone know of anything you can do to prevent this... maybe do achvs in a certain order...

Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by squat plep on 10 Dec 11 at 18:07
Greedy136I have recently unlocked all the DLC achievements. Glitches might have been patched.
Posted by Greedy136 on 27 Feb 12 at 14:03
MugenKairoWicked video solutions, will definitely use those for the later levels
Posted by MugenKairo on 24 Mar 12 at 07:04
ReaboThanks for the videos!
Posted by Reabo on 05 Sep 15 at 21:01
TitianDanOn my level 6, its different to yours at the end :/ i physically can't just stay at the top coz the the blobs always still hit me and it won't let me go higher :/
Posted by TitianDan on 19 Dec 16 at 20:33
GoyetteQCThis minigame is complete trash.
Posted by GoyetteQC on 11 Feb 17 at 00:46
Ryn0 LThat sucked!! But I got it. Thanks for the videos
Posted by Ryn0 L on 30 Jun 17 at 04:16
The Manic MooseNote to self:watch the videos! Just beat the witch and then didn’t realise it wasn’t over.
Posted by The Manic Moose on 08 Aug 20 at 17:32