BioShock (Xbox 360) Review by bittapudge

08 May 2009 16 Aug 2009
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There is not enough stars in the galaxy to rate this game.

Bioshock is a first person shooter at its most unique. I mean we all love our Halo's and our Call of Duty's, but there's a million games just like them except not as good. Only in Bioshock can you kill a steroid junky in a diving suit with a drill for a hand using hornet's that come out of your hands so you can pull a slug out of a little girl. If that isn't original i don't know what is.

Story 95/100

I'm a sucker for a good story, and i loved this story. The opening sequence with the two big daddy's makes me orgasm everytime. But seriously this game definetly is worth listening to, its lack of cut scenes is a bit disappointing and is why i had to subtract 5 points, but that just means you have to pay attention a bit more, especially with the audio diaries.
An underwater Utopia turned dystopia thats futuristic yet set in the past is enough to make any science fiction gamer wet him or herself, but you also have superpowers which is just the icing on the cake. The characters though few are very well developed and with very good voice acting for them all, especially Ryan.
And Hell, what a twist with the whole Fontaine thing eh?
Propps to anyone who noticed the 'Would you kindly?' repetition before Ryan explains it to you. It really made me think to myself 'huh, now that i think about it he did say that alot didn't he?'

Gameplay 96/100

This game is so freakin beautiful, if you took a still frame of any part of the game it could compete with the work of actual Artists. Its Colouring and filtering reminded me of the film '300'. Thankfully that is the only thing '300' and Bioshock have in common.
Your objectives are indeed plentiful, not only do you have to complete the story quests to get to the next level but also you have to find and extract the little sisters, Defeat the big Daddys, take photos of different enemies, find audio diaries and collect plasmids and tonics which is no chore by any means, its fun to explore the levels.
There is just something so awesome about the vita chambers, not only do they look cool but they bring you back to life everytime you die. Can you believe that? a game that actually explains why you keep coming back to life. Take That God!
Of course that also makes it the game's biggest flaw. Its TOO EASY, your death does not affect any of the enemies and basically means you have a one man infinite army.

Enemys and bosses 88/100

Enemies arent a big threat really as you have like a billion different options for killing them. Splicers are cool though, not only are there different types but you can see and hear them do such weird and interesting things when they dont know your watching. So they definetly get an A for creativity.
Bosses on the other hand arent really bosses at all, Steinman and wilkins arent much stronger than splicers, infact there only really is one Genuine boss and thats Atlas at the very end of the game, which can be a challenge as there are no vita chambers in the vicinity.
The Big Daddies are freakin awesome and make up for the games lack of bosses, they are hard to kill no matter how strong you are and they look amazing. You usually find them roaming about levels protecting little sisters and they are no threat to you unless you attack them, which you need to do to get Adam and to get the two achievements for dealing with all the little sisters

Weapons 100/100

You have Superpowers! What more is there to say? Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis are to name a few. And the actual weapons are also fun to use, especially as the can have different modes for the weapons. Also they range from simple items like a wrench to a complicated RPG/greande/mine launcher.

Multiplayer 0/0

The game features no Multiplayer, which may be a good thing, sometimes a good single player game is all you need. Although if it did have online play I would imagine it being a cross between call of duty 4 and the Xmen.

Achievements 85/100

A Great game has to come with a great set of achievements and Bioshock does so well.
This game is quite generous dishing out 51 achievements for 1100 gamer score, and with the DlC free its all the sweeter.
This game gives you the opportunity to really have fun trying to get achievements, but a lot of them to be honest are very similar to one another, there are 7 for upgrading weapons, 13 for using the camera, 7 for hacking and at least 11 that are story related and cannot be missed. Still, it is rewarding in the end.
A lot of the achievements, like any game can be annoying, especially the dreaded collectible achievements 'ugh!' like 'Research PHD', 'Historian', 'Tonic Collector' and 'Weapon Specialist'. But at least they're not just collectibles for the sake of collecting them, the audio diaries fill in a lot of the story holes, the tonics give you a better range of skills, and the weapon upgrading and enemy researching makes the game go smoother. Although it must be noted that they are all missable as many parts of this game cannot be returned to.

My only real problem with this games achievements is the 'lucky winner' as it requires luck, prepare to waste 10 minutes of your life trying to get it.
I also think that you dont get enough points for completing the game on the hardest mode, of course it doesnt really matter because it adds up to the 1100 anyway.
As for the Feared 'Brass Balls' achievement (which requires DLC) It is undoubtebly the hardest one in the game as it basically takes away the one thing that made the game a cakewalk and you really must use your skill to obtain it, nontheless Bioshick has a quick save feature, so aslong as you remember to save often you should eventually persevere.
The GlobalizerGood review overall, but a few suggestions:

1. Remove the spoilers.
2. Few of the achievements are "missable". Only "Welcome to Rapture" cannot be revisited, and you can miss one of the audio diaries and one of the Power to the People stations if you kill a certain someone prematurely.
3. I'm pretty sure that Brass Balls comes with the game patch, not the DLC. The free DLC is just a tonics add-on. The patch is, of course, free as well.
Posted by The Globalizer on 08 May 09 at 20:43
Jake1123456I would also disagree slightly about the lack of cut scenes. There are some, kind of,when the main characters are talking to you about major plot progressions. While its not the traditional "black framed screen, can't move your character" kind of thing, there are definitely cut scenes. For example, when you go to kill Ryan, you can still move and look around, but its definitely more of a cut scene situation. I actually applaud the way they integrate this because it makes it a more realistic integration, which also makes you focus more so on the game so that you don't miss interesting movements. However, I do agree with you in a way as most of the situations I'm thinking about aren't action based, as a lot of the game's progression comes through the radio broadcasts.
Posted by Jake1123456 on 26 May 09 at 00:20
WayoriUm, the whole point of a review is to either encourage or discourage playing the game, and you gave away a HUGE piece of story that many would not appreciate reading had they never played the game before.
Posted by Wayori on 16 Aug 09 at 05:25
GYRgadgetGood review, a lot of detail. Thank you.
Posted by GYRgadget on 16 Aug 09 at 14:34
jburridge88The whole not enough points thing is the whole point of this website ?!?!?!?!?!?!
Posted by jburridge88 on 22 Jun 10 at 01:36