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Rappel King

Kill 25 enemies while suspended from a rope.

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24 Sep 2008
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This does not have to be achieved in one round.

Enter Terrorist Hunt on Single Player and choose Kill House as the map. Set it to Casual difficulty so that it doesn't become an annoyance and set density to High. Equip yourself with a decent pistol because that's all you're allowed to use on the ropes!

When you start, you'll be facing a staircase. Head up the staircase and onto the 'catwalk', which is the long platform down the side of the map. There are two rappel hooks for you to use, you should get on the first one.

Fire a bullet to attract attention to yourself and they'll come running to try and take you down. Take them down one by one and you will unlock the achievement after 25 kills on the rope.
wild affricansdoes it have to be in one match all together?
Posted by wild affricans on 02 Aug 09 at 17:12
GeneralClaudiusIt does not have to be all in one game. :)
Posted by GeneralClaudius on 02 Aug 09 at 18:35
Pure Vapour 420Thanks for the guide mate, got it in under 15 minutes Nice 1 =>
Posted by Pure Vapour 420 on 21 Aug 11 at 21:15
ESSuksweet guide thanks for that!
Posted by ESSuk on 10 Feb 12 at 16:11
Reaperxx954what if you die? do they count as well?
Posted by Reaperxx954 on 16 Jul 14 at 19:28
EthigyGreat solution. Can confirm the kills do count even if you die.
Posted by Ethigy on 19 Dec 17 at 02:27