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Reached Level 30 with Bad Karma

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10 May 2009 21 May 2009
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The Karma achievements are made significantly easier with the addition of the Broken Steel perks.

The first step in getting all three achievements is to create three save files at level 28. The closer you are to reaching 29, the better, but at any point will work fine.

Getting to level 30, not the karma, is actually the hardest part of these achievements. If you are like me, and reached level 20 long before the game ended and before you got Broken Steel, you have a long way to go after the added quest ends. The first things I would do is the side-quests that are offered surrounding Project Purity. Return to the Jefferson Memorial and offer to help Scribe Bigsley, who is inside the building. That will result in two decent quests. There is also a side-quest that can be accessed by hacking or a successful speech on Bigsley or by talking to the ghoul Griffon in the Museum of History.

Once those quests have been competed, you will probably still have a long way to go. The fastest way to make up that experience is by hunting Super Mutants. After finishing the Broken Steel quest-line, speak to Paladin Tristran and ask if there is anything else you can do to help. He will offer you a reward for killing super mutants and bringing back blood samples to him. This is much easier than scouring ruined buildings for scrap metal, pre-war books, cameras or sensor modules. The National Mall and the Germantown Police station are great places to hunt mutants. Just make sure to get the well-rested bonus before you trade in the samples. 10% extra experience goes a long way in this grind.

You can also increase the difficulty to get more experience per encounter. This is really a must if you are playing on easy or normal. The extra 15 or so EXP an encounter will really speed things up in the long run. Also remember to leave your companions at home. They are experience hogs. You won't receive any EXP from enemies that they kill.

Once you get there, load up one of those files and, when you reach level 29, choose Here and Now. This perk will immediately level you up again, to 30. At level 30 choose Devil's Highway. This will set your karma to Very Bad and you will get the achievement.

Rinse and repeat for the other karma achievements. I recommend that you don't use this method for whatever karma type you mainly play as, as it really is a waste of 2 perks.

splicegraphI was just about to post this solution, having discovered it myself. Although I didn't use the Here and Now perk. My character had good karma so I went on a killing spree about two thirds the way to level 30, after a save, and with the help of the MIRV. Got me a ton of experience and made me evil. Did another save about 150XP from Level 30 and at level up used Stairway to Heaven, Karmic Rebalance and another for the Devil.
Posted by splicegraph on 28 Jul 09 at 19:44
GriZzly GRiPi just turned level 28 and am wondering around wasteland looks for super mutants but i seriosuly think i've killed everyone in the game. i think im going to go on a killing rampage to get to 29then use here and now then just use the karma altering perks
Posted by GriZzly GRiP on 25 Aug 09 at 04:01
AlfindeolIf you wait for 24 hours, they will repopulate the wastes.
Posted by Alfindeol on 25 Aug 09 at 08:52
Doctor JebusAnother easy way to get these achievements is to save right before level 30 at bad or very bad, get the achievement, reload the save.. and then go to Saint Monica's Church in Rivet City and donate a lot of money until you reach good karma. Redo this again for neutral karma.
Posted by Doctor Jebus on 18 Jun 10 at 19:05
AlfindeolThat's another pretty solid idea. A little bit slower, but it might be the only choice for someone who has already used a Karma perk.
Posted by Alfindeol on 19 Jun 10 at 01:31
ECerioYou don't have to use the karma-altering perks at 29. You can do it right at level 30. I would just suggest saving often on your way to 30 so you don't have to replay the whole level, just a few kills at the end.
Posted by ECerio on 21 Nov 10 at 18:40
mfbhrtsYep, the "Here & Now" trick to get to Level 30 straight after getting to Level 29 saves A LOT of time! Thumbs up from me.
Posted by mfbhrts on 27 Feb 12 at 18:01
OnzaAs far as grinding, if you don't have a strong inclination to other perks (and have an Intelligence of 4 or more) you can use Swift Learner to add 10% XP whenever XP is earned. There are three levels, thus XP earned can be increased by 30%.
Posted by Onza on 08 Apr 13 at 21:10
SirScumdog89I'm already level 30 messiah , if I start fucking shit up will it drop my karma thus resulting in neutral AND evil karma achievements ?
Posted by SirScumdog89 on 30 Apr 17 at 17:10