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Get 50 Snapshots in your Lineup

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10 May 2009 12 Oct 2009
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For this you need to be online and playing other people hooked up to a camera. You can check this once freeburning by looking for orange camera symbols at the 'show players' screen or by talking while online (I recommend the latter).
There are four different categories in the lineup:

1) Freeburn mugshots - Gained from takedowns while freeburning.
2) Event mugshots - Gained from takedowns in a race.
3) Rulebreaker smugshot - Gained by someone beating your freeburning road rule.
4) Photo Finishes - Gained from finishing races, win or lose (this is the only one that does not require other people to have cameras).

There is a maximum of 20 you can collect in each category.
Most people will get 40 from 1 & 4 easily enough, then struggle for the last 10. Fortunately, multiple snapshots can be received from the same driver. If you find someone with a camera who talks and is willing to help you out, you should get this fairly quickly.
Otherwise you'll be reduced to finding the game with the most camera owners in it, then setting really slow road rules on the short/most used roads in the hope one of them beats it...which is frustrating trust me. Or taking down a specific player repeatedly in every race...which won't make you very popular.

Edit: To look at how many you already have, hit start, then RB three times and you will see 'The Lineup' as the third option down.
apostleX2Thank You for this explanation!
Posted by apostleX2 on 23 May 09 at 16:36
System of a DomThis is a pain! I had 980 on this game for such a long time! Rulebreaker smugshot's was the way I got this one eventually! You do really have to find someone willing to help you out!
Posted by System of a Dom on 17 Jul 09 at 12:17
Oakleyishereis there a way to see how many you have?
Posted by Oakleyishere on 12 Oct 09 at 09:50
WalkingVivYes, hit start, then the RB three times and you should see 'The Lineup' third option down.
Posted by WalkingViv on 12 Oct 09 at 14:55
HorZa IXI have the camera and am actively playing just now if anyone needs any help, although I need this too!
Posted by HorZa IX on 16 Feb 10 at 11:21
koobz2142can i get it with kinect?
Posted by koobz2142 on 06 Mar 11 at 01:41
finallife6^kinect does not work as a xbox vision camera so no it doesnt i have tried in R6V 1 and 2 and it did not work
Posted by finallife6 on 18 May 11 at 18:32
lowrida1987I was on yesterday with a friend & i toke him out like 80 times but I still didn't get it.
Posted by lowrida1987 on 11 Jul 11 at 10:20
CASS190684Can I just do 50 races for this one? Anyone know if that will unlock it? I have 20 so far from doing 20 races...
Posted by CASS190684 on 08 Aug 11 at 14:00
WalkingVivA bit delayed but, I refer you to the statement above. 'There is a maximum of 20 you can collect in each category'
Posted by WalkingViv on 15 Aug 11 at 11:21
L1ttlemikeI got what was needed but it seemed to stop adding them to the line up
Posted by L1ttlemike on 12 Sep 11 at 23:23
ZymoticThis is pretty lame. I have 49 and have tried for hours to get that last one.
Posted by Zymotic on 07 Feb 12 at 07:40
AngryKamehamehaif you have one other player in your game, do both players need to have a camera or would the pictures count for both players?
Posted by AngryKamehameha on 22 Apr 12 at 16:57
Paolo1984Add me if you want to work towards this achievement: Paolo1984
Posted by Paolo1984 on 13 Oct 12 at 15:45
w4rdyLooking for help getting this too, add me if you wanna help: wardi69
Posted by w4rdy on 17 Dec 12 at 21:04
hunterIVDo the snapshots that are not from a vision camera but are their gamerpictures count?
Posted by hunterIV on 02 Feb 13 at 22:11
The JoelstrHardly anyone has the damn camera. im one of the few that do ...kinda stupid achievement, but if anyone needs help that also has a camera add me as a friend or send me a message and lets get this done
Posted by The Joelstr on 03 Mar 14 at 12:26
Shadow XBLDoes freeburning even work anymore? I believe the servers are down. Is this obtainable still?
Posted by Shadow XBL on 24 Jul 15 at 16:31
Shadow XBLso I connected to freeburn fine just a minute ago. Played some 8 player for awhile, it was fun. Now I turn my 360 back on and it says the Paradise City servers are down. Haven't been able to connect for a half hour. What the F?
Posted by Shadow XBL on 25 Jul 15 at 00:22
ResinousHashishFuck I wan't this game because its going to be backwards compatible but Xbox One Kinect doesn't work as the "Vision Camera"
Posted by ResinousHashish on 29 Dec 15 at 16:51
CarlosMaestre85I have vision camera and willing to trade this one. If you want, add me on live and send me a message on Xbox referring to Burnout Paradise.
Posted by CarlosMaestre85 on 09 Sep 18 at 15:16
ONE CEL JUGGALOBe another game I'll have just a few achievements I can't get. No vision camera so can't get any snapshots. That sucks for me.. Ohh well once again thanks Xbox never had a purpose for a camera. Saw this game would be closing servers in August, trying to get last achievements for it 3 out of 4 last ones are for camera. Ohh well once again.
Posted by ONE CEL JUGGALO on 17 Apr 19 at 15:37
NEOXGT79Hello. is it possible to unlock this achievements on xbox one with the live cam? thank you
Posted by NEOXGT79 on 23 May 19 at 06:29

Short answer: No.

The Hotshots achievement requires your friend to have an Xbox 360 console as well as an Xbox Live Vision Camera so you can receive snapshots in The Lineup when you take down other players.

However, I found out (with help from a friend) that both players must be on Xbox 360 for you to receive credit towards the Hotshots achievement. In addition to that, the "Xbox Live Vision" setting must be set to "On" as well (found under Options in-game).

NOTE: You will also need to make sure that the "Use video for communications (Xbox 360: Video Communication)" setting in Xbox privacy and online safety (Microsoft/Xbox account login required) is set to "Everyone" to send and receive video from the Xbox Live Vision Camera in an Xbox 360 game. This setting can also be changed on an Xbox 360 console while signed-in to Xbox Live from the Settings tab, then go to Privacy tile.

These are the one that will require you to have an Xbox 360 console and an Xbox Live Vision Camera to send snapshots to other players when you are taken out:
Burnout ParadiseHappy SnapperThe Happy Snapper achievement in Burnout Paradise worth 34 pointsSend 5 Camera Shots

Burnout ParadiseNotoriousThe Notorious achievement in Burnout Paradise worth 80 pointsSend 50 Camera Shots

Also, Xbox 360 hardware (e.g. an Xbox Live Vision Camera) isn't compatible with the Xbox One as the Xbox 360 emulator will not be able to access it. This is a limitation of the Xbox One console and the Xbox 360 emulator. The exception is given for Rock Band 4 as you can purchase the Legacy Game Controller Adapter and/or PDP Wired Legacy Adapter, which allow players to use Xbox 360 wired or wireless guitar controllers and drum kits from previous Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band titles in Rock Band 4 on Xbox One.
Posted by lightsup55 on 27 May 19 at 17:45