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Tournament Qualifier

Qualify for a tournament and play in the first elimination round

Tournament Qualifier+0.7
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11 May 2009 11 May 2009
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First you need to qualify. Do this by entering qualification rounds for a tournament. Once your time is good enough you can submit your time and it will tell you your position (seeding) in the qualifications. Make sure to check your position regularly as you might need to re-qualify before the tournament starts.

Once you're qualified you can check in the 'brackets' section when your first round is scheduled (notice that this is your local time). At the specified time and date just enter the lobby and you'll get the achievement. You don't need to race or anything, just entering the lobby at the right time and date should unlock it for you!
Nath360skillzYeah ur right m8, as soon as i entered the lobby I got the achievement.
Thanx for the solution, only 2 more PGR3 cheevos to go!
Posted by Nath360skillz on 16 May 09 at 19:35
Van UdenAnother confirmation, joined the lobby and the achievement popped
Posted by Van Uden on 13 Aug 09 at 09:45
ezekiel 08Good tip about the in-game time being your local time. This save converting it to Aussie time. The first round of elimination starts at 3:30am for me! I work nights so this isn't much of a problem though.

Can't believe I'll finally unlock this achievement! Go this game ages ago, way before I had Xbox Live too :).
Posted by ezekiel 08 on 28 Aug 09 at 15:12
m0nk3yboyGlad you only need to 'show up'. Local time for my elemination is 2.15AM!?!?! Not sure If I'll be up for a 'win', but it's worth a try. That's what you get for waiting 3 years between achievement drives (damn completion percentage).
Posted by m0nk3yboy on 16 Aug 10 at 01:58
VinchuccaOk, thanks for the heads-up. Haven't been following this game for a while now but I'll look into it and update if necessary. Grtz!
Posted by Vinchucca on 15 Sep 10 at 10:30