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The One!

Win a total of 100 online matches!

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HaPPy RoNiN NZHaPPy RoNiN NZ570,569
12 May 2009 15 Dec 2010
31 2 27
Finding someone to play online these days is half the battle. Boosting with a friend is an option, however if you go for this legit then here are a few tips.

CRUCIAL POINT: Every three correct answers provides you with a bonus "card" which you can use to swap with one of your existing cards. You should swap it with your EXISTING BONUS card as this will maximize your potential score. You earn no points when playing a bonus card. Answering the brain challenges is the key to earning points. If you find a n00b who swaps the bonus for a question card you will beat them every time providing you answer all your questions correctly even if done slowly. Swapping for a question card has cost them around 200-300 points.

Balance going for the online achievement with your offline progress so you are getting some practice and can perform well online.

Play at a skill level you are comfortable with.

Update: Just adding that some people have had issues with this unlocking at 100 wins and had to play a few more games to unlock. WraithTDK in the other solution required 111 wins.

Personally I got mine bang on 100 wins but if you don't, keep playing a few more.
MortyDiceIs it really a streak achievement? You do have to win 100 matches one after another?
Posted by MortyDice on 15 May 09 at 16:24
MortyDiceMy bad. French description is crappy. It says 100 matches in a row...
Posted by MortyDice on 15 May 09 at 16:27
HaPPy RoNiN NZThere is another achievement requiring a 10 win streak online. This achievement is NOT for a streak, only 100 wins.
Posted by HaPPy RoNiN NZ on 15 May 09 at 20:18
BLYASTJust to clarify, can you boost these and have one person quit out of the match each time?
Posted by BLYAST on 16 May 09 at 12:03
HaPPy RoNiN NZSorry, I haven't quit or had someone quit on me so I am not sure whether you would be credited for the win. You could check your wins in the leaderboards, try that once and check the leaderboards again to see if you get a win.
Posted by HaPPy RoNiN NZ on 16 May 09 at 19:32
The GlobalizerQuit matches do not count as wins.
Posted by The Globalizer on 26 Jul 09 at 18:50
MortyDiceDoes it have to be ranked wins?
Posted by MortyDice on 14 Dec 09 at 21:44
HaPPy RoNiN NZCan be either ranked or player matches
Posted by HaPPy RoNiN NZ on 15 Dec 09 at 00:45
CurtiesonGood info guys. Just pulled this game back out of the dungeon...will have to see if I can reach this! haha
Posted by Curtieson on 24 Mar 10 at 19:02
Ham SanwitchI am so pissed off. I have been grinding this fucking achievement all day (5 hours!) and I'm now at 106 wins. ...NO ACHIEVEMENT! I am MEGA frustrated!
Posted by Ham Sanwitch on 11 Dec 10 at 23:18
Chino Skeleton@Ham try just a couple of more wins, like the other solution states

WraithTDK said:
Important note: this achievement seems a little glitchy. Most people get the achievement right after 100 wins, but I didn't get it until 111, and I've read a few other people say similar.
Posted by Chino Skeleton on 15 Dec 10 at 19:55
Saft Und Kraftgot 111 wins no cheevo. on player matches.
Posted by Saft Und Kraft on 26 Dec 10 at 21:46
ZNMSAfter checking out the 'Win: Easy Player Matches' leaderboards I noticed a number of other users averaging between 130-150 wins with the The One! achievement. After reading about the 'problems' with this particular achievement, I kept on playing and The One! achievement finally unlocked after 117 wins.
Posted by ZNMS on 03 Jul 11 at 01:34
Chad WilburnAt 121 ranked easy wins and no achev............
Posted by Chad Wilburn on 01 Mar 12 at 13:21
PrimeBigTimeJust got this today, boosting with two xboxes. Mine popped at 160, yes 160 wins. One of the things I think may have happened is that I lost my save after 10 wins and started over. Then at 60 wins I put my profile into my second xbox while my saved game was on the first xbox and continued to boost. The only thing I can think that's causing problems is that even though the leaderboard is online, it may actually save your stats locally, so NEVER start a new save game - keep your original at all costs. Hope that helps.
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 04 Mar 13 at 07:47
AxGryndrDefinitely should be a not that all wins have to be with the same save. I lost my first save with 40 wins. Then I started using the wrong save device after another 35. I am at 160 wins and no achievement. Hope it pops at 175.
Posted by AxGryndr on 22 Apr 13 at 05:25
PrimeBigTimeit will. can the OP please update the guide?
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 22 Apr 13 at 05:39
AxGryndrI now have the terrible title of having the most Easy Player Match wins at 204. I HATE THIS GAME!
Posted by AxGryndr on 23 Apr 13 at 01:34
eohjayIt unlocked for me at 100 wins on the nose. Most were in easy player matches, but I had a handful in normal player matches.

One thing I made sure to do was that each time I was finished with a session I would be sure to exit the game via the main menu option. It's a fact that the game won't save results for the mini-games if you don't exit this way - so maybe it has something to do with it saving online wins, too?
Posted by eohjay on 11 Apr 14 at 11:57
Virtuous PandaTook me 239 player wins to unlock. Seemed that my problem was whenever I received an auto update it reset all my stats. So make sure you save all your stats on a separate memory stick. Never have the game and your save on the same HDD. I learnt the hard way.
Posted by Virtuous Panda on 05 Jul 15 at 21:25
Virtuous PandaMeant to say after the update my single player stats reset. I didn't realise my multiplayer stats did also.
Posted by Virtuous Panda on 05 Jul 15 at 21:37
beets101Mine popped at 100 my boosting partner is still going currently on 104 for him
Posted by beets101 on 28 Oct 15 at 23:05
KinectKid333Anyone up for boosting this?
Posted by KinectKid333 on 15 Mar 16 at 01:27
I Donpachio IAnyone wanna boost this? Gamertag: I Donpachio I
Posted by I Donpachio I on 17 Jun 16 at 19:30
ACrtnShadeOfR3dJust a tip (and a bit of fortune) to boost this solo without trading wins! If you have your old 360, an XBONE and an old code for Xbox Live Gold (I found a 48 hour trial code!), start the trial on a spare account on your 360 and then make sure the game is on both consoles and the game was downloaded under your regular account. It let me play multiplayer without having to buy the game on my spare account! Saves a lot of time!
Posted by ACrtnShadeOfR3d on 11 Sep 20 at 06:13
The GlobalizerActually, you shouldn't need a code for Gold if you're using shared gold, as long as the X1 is your home console. You log into your 360 with your main (achievement) account, log into the X1 with your alt, and both can access multiplayer. (True of any BC games.)

I've had a few instances of having to reload the game on the alt because the shared Gold wasn't immediately recognized but I've self-boosted a number of games this way.
Posted by The Globalizer on 11 Sep 20 at 06:57