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Citizen Escort

Don't let any citizens die when escorting them to the escape train.

Citizen Escort0
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12 May 2009
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When trying to combine this one with One Free Bullet, it takes quite some saves and loads since you have only rockets and grenades thrown by soldiers to defend yourself and the citizens. In total there are four groups of citizens, with either 2 or 4 members, you have to escort. The first group is easy, since you are not attacked by any soldiers yet.

This worked best for me when protecting the other groups: restock with rockets and kill all soldiers outside before picking up a new group. Get to Barny to pickup a group of citizens and save. Sprint with the group past the outdoor section while constantly regrouping your party by pushing the Select button. When everybody is still alive and indoors, wait for the medic to heal everybody and save again.

Continue into the train repair hall and use the rockets to finish any soldiers entering through the windows and move as fast as possible towards Alex. Use the regroup command again to make sure the citizens follow you and hope they don't get killed by the soldiers you could not kill since you are out of rockets. When one of the citizens gets killed, reload and try again.

When going back to Barny, the outdoor section is probably covered with soldiers, mines, snipers or ATV's. Try to use the mines, rockets and grenades they trow to finish the soldiers and vehicles, before getting a new group of citizens. Repeat the above steps for each group, but be careful in the train repair hall, since it changes every time you enter with a new group. When you have to use the balcony, don't use the stairs to get down, but just jump and make your group jumps too, by using the regroup command.

Good luck!
FabsNFuriouswhy don't you play normally shooting at the combine soldiers to get this achievement and then reload and use only the gravity gun (letting people die this time) to get the 'one free bullet' achievement?
Posted by FabsNFurious on 16 Sep 09 at 10:41
WeisGuy9Nice solution, thanks!
Posted by WeisGuy9 on 22 Jan 10 at 07:07
Hanx...or another way you could do it is complete the game to get your One Free Bullet achievement then once you have that, go to chapter select and select Exit 17 then go do Citizen Escort.
Posted by Hanx on 02 Oct 10 at 21:04
Phil the guyWas actually able to get this achievement while working towards my "Save One Bullet" playthrough. Wasn't too bad, just needed to save several times and learn where enemies spawn. Good guide.
Posted by Phil the guy on 07 Jan 11 at 05:55
MugenKairoAny pointers in taking out the sniper while trying for 1 free bullet? I try with the rocket launcher but it turns away after I go back into cover.
Posted by MugenKairo on 17 Jun 12 at 01:29
CookedPickleThanks a million man. This was probably one of my most coveted achievements, and with your guide , it's finally mine! And I managed to do it concurrently with The One Free Bullet, too.
Posted by CookedPickle on 17 Sep 12 at 23:52
NannerLoafwas so nervous when this didn't pop right away. Awesome Guide.
Posted by NannerLoaf on 22 Mar 14 at 03:52