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Level 2 100% Completion!

Complete level "Tournament of the Dragon Warrior" 100%.

Level 2 100% Completion!0
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13 May 2009 28 Jun 2012
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To unlock this achievement you MUST play in MASTER difficulty (keep in mind the MASTER difficulty is the EASIEST difficulty). Just beat the Tournament of the Dragon Warrior (Level 2) with 100%. If you play on a DIFFERENT difficulty (example, a harder one) you can NOT unlock this achievement.

Here are the objectives you need to complete to get 100%:

1. Save 5 Bunnies.
2. Collect 16 Fireworks.
(NOTE: There are 2 Coins and a Tigress Figurine in this level. If you have already collected them before in a previous play through you do not need to collect them for a 100% score, so you can skip them if you wish).


You can't miss these bunnies so I would not worry about them too much. Just when you see them in trouble take out the bullies and save them!


The fireworks are all over the place and there are several well hidden ones. I highly suggest you take a look at the guide to locate them, see the link at the bottom of the guide.

List of Objectives

Please see the following URL:
IRL LAGYou don't have to be on master difficulty. I just did it on the lowest one
Posted by IRL LAG on 30 Jul 10 at 02:56
FafhrddMaster is the easiest difficulty that you can unlock the achievement in. Are you thinking about the "Dragon Warrior" difficulty (the hardest)?

The achievement's are not stackable and therefore MUST play on the Master difficulty. If not this achievement will not unlock....

Let me know if you are still have questions.
Posted by Fafhrdd on 30 Jul 10 at 12:55
nightstorm56I've only played on the easiet setting and the hardest setting (as you can see on my achievements, I've not earned anything that deals with "Master" difficulty). This unlocked on the easiet setting. You do NOT need to be on Master difficulty.
Posted by nightstorm56 on 25 Jun 12 at 04:40
FafhrddThe easiest difficulty is called MASTER. So yes you are correct in the fact you can play on the easiest difficulty to unlock this (as I stated above).

Master = Easiest
Dragon Warrior = Hardest

If you don't believe me this is from One playthrough at Master difficulty and the other at Dragon Warrior difficulty. This is because the Master difficulty is the easiest level.
Posted by Fafhrdd on 28 Jun 12 at 04:53
FafhrddI have updated my guide so people better understand what you need to do.
Posted by Fafhrdd on 28 Jun 12 at 04:58