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Kill 10 enemies with headshots in a ranked free for all playlist or in campaign.

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Nv DefinesNv Defines395,238
15 May 2009 24 Feb 2020
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Just to clear up some confusion...

UPDATE: Grunt kills do not count toward this achievement!

1. You need 10 headshot KILLS, not 10 headshots. The shot that kills the enemy must be a headshot.

2. The kills do NOT have to be consecutive (10 headshots in a row). Mine certainly weren't.

3. You can do this with any gun, not just the sniper. While I did this without, many folks are saying it must be done with the sniper or beam rifle. I don't know if this has changed, but sounds like it's easier to just go with that :)

4. You can do this in campaign or multiplayer.

Easy method #1: Start the campaign level "The Ark" at mission start on Normal. As you walk up the hill, there are several enemies waiting for you. Kill as many as you can with sniper headshots. If you don't have enough kills by the time all the enemies are dead, simply move to the next area where there are many more. You can take as long as you need and stretch this over the entire level if you like, but by this second checkpoint you probably will have the achievement. Just take your time and aim.

Easy method #2: Play Lone Wolves. You will probably unlock the achievement within a few games, if you can manage 10+ kills (really shouldn't be a problem).
x20midgetsxyou cant get this on swat it says free-for-all
Posted by x20midgetsx on 03 Jul 09 at 08:53
QuarantaneWhat exactly is MLG? I've never played on that mode, but by what you're saying it sounds like swat, which as he said wouldn't work as it is not ranked free for all.

Could be done on Lone Wolves with a BR fairly easily, though the campaign is alot easier.

Nice guide, I like yours more than the top one on here. Positive vote
Posted by Quarantane on 24 Oct 09 at 22:56
P4NDA CAKESMLG is major leauge gaming..

but id just do it in the campian i mean your gunna play it anyway..
Posted by P4NDA CAKES on 12 Aug 10 at 14:41
ronburgundyyorkhave had lots of head shot kills cheevo wont pop, (this is on campaign) do you have to play in heroic or something???
Posted by ronburgundyyork on 02 Sep 11 at 11:54
Nv DefinesNope, just have to get ten headshot kills in a single level.
Posted by Nv Defines on 02 Sep 11 at 11:57
Hamfam9598I too cannot get this to unlock. I am playing it with skulls on. Could that be the issue?
Posted by Hamfam9598 on 29 Mar 12 at 12:31
Thewitchking45I did 14 headshots in a lone wolf playlist (BR slayer):
And the achievement did not pop up.
Posted by Thewitchking45 on 20 May 12 at 20:19
Nv DefinesYou have to KILL with headshots, not just get headshots. You need 10 kills where the final shot that actually kills is a headshot.
Posted by Nv Defines on 22 Jan 13 at 14:14
TheDonSimeoniOne more thing, Grunts don't seem to count, I killed near 50 of them, didn't pop, desised to give up, then killed a few Jackals and Brutes and I got it?
Posted by TheDonSimeoni on 20 Jun 13 at 12:13
musicskoooolI can also confirm that grunt headshots do not count. I even turned on the birthday party skull after many attempts at using grunt headshots for this achievement to validate my accuracy. I only got the achievement after getting headshot kills with on other enemies, mainly brutes.
Posted by musicskooool on 31 May 14 at 09:27
Muljo07I tried getting ten kills with the battle rife/pistol and it did not pop. Once I had ten kills with the sniper/beam rifle it did pop. It does seem to be weapon specific. I only attempted this on multiplayer. Not sure if it's the same case during the campaign.
Posted by Muljo07 on 07 Oct 14 at 20:53
WebDevil 666You cannot do this with any gun. I can confirm after years of trial and error with this achievement Thant it can only be obtained with the sniper or beam rifle. Negative until updated.
Posted by WebDevil 666 on 18 May 18 at 16:59
Deadly ModifiedAs others have said, had to get 10 headshots in a row on a mixture of elites and brutes with a sniper. Wondered why I couldn't get it to pop earlier when I was younger, always thought it was glitched.
Posted by Deadly Modified on 18 Jun 18 at 19:09
MagmaticNevada8Can only be done with sniper or beam rifle. Therfore had to downvote this solution.
Posted by MagmaticNevada8 on 23 Feb at 22:28
Nv DefinesI've updated the solution.
Posted by Nv Defines on 24 Feb at 14:19
MemesNBeerAppreciate you updating the solution to reflect the need for it to be a sniper. Upvoted :)
Posted by MemesNBeer on 24 Feb at 17:35