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Super Hero Team

Completed 25 levels with at least 1 other player.

Super Hero Team0
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16 May 2009
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The legitimate way to get this Achievement requires you to play online with a friend. If the two of you play through the game starting from the beginning, this Achievement will unlock for both of you about half way through.

The other option, and one that is much easier, is to go to the Stark Enterprises common room and go back and forth between the lobby area and the secret Iron Man room behind the waterfall. You'll get this Achievement after about five minutes.

Of course, you could always turn on a second controller and do this on your own, if you'd rather not play online, or you don't have a Gold subscription.
LepraSaunwhen you say go back and forth between each room do you have to have 2 people do that or just one (you)?
Posted by LepraSaun on 02 Aug 09 at 01:11
zr122The whole point of the Achievement is that you are playing with another character who is controlled by a human, not AI. Whether you are using both controllers, or you have a friend, doesn't matter. Just make sure that there are two human-controlled characers and you'll be fine.
Posted by zr122 on 02 Aug 09 at 22:54
CurtiesonI would add that you might as well connect 3 other controllers if you are doing this by yourself to combo with the other achievements. I used the Stark/Iron Man suggestion and that worked like a breeze!!!
Posted by Curtieson on 22 Jul 10 at 12:47
Brock M Ramboyou can come down off your high horse now, as long as you don't intentionally glitch into the achievement, it doesn't matter how it was earned, next you'll say boosting is a illegitimate way of earning.
Posted by Brock M Rambo on 23 May 11 at 04:46