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Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty

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18 May 2009 17 Jun 2020
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I just got this achievement today thanks to the Insider Moves video that explains what to do and where. It is the perfect strategy to follow for this mission/achievement. Thanks to Denny Atkin (editer) and Ryan Treit (Treit and True)!

UPDATE: There was an Inside Xbox video of this on and on the Xbox 360 Dashboard, but is no longer available. I did find a video up on YouTube.

Credits (thank these guys for the video):

Denny Atkin (Games Editor for
Xbox LIVE Gamertag: editer
Twitter: @dennya

Ryan Treit (Games Writer for
Xbox LIVE Gamertag: Treit and True
Twitter: @treitandtrue
KungFooZombieThis is the one that really worked for me. I have been trying to get this one for a couple of years now (every time I borrowed the game from my friend) and was extremely annoyed and frustrated.
The things I did wrong, was using too many flashbang, trying to shoot too many bad guys, never let my team go in first and knifing the guy in the bathroom in the very beginning. I followed the movie above and finally got it. Thanx guys!
Posted by KungFooZombie on 23 Feb 11 at 01:14
MarioFlaBRMan, this is the best solution. Following this guide, topo me a few tries To pop the achievement. Shinning solution.
Posted by MarioFlaBR on 02 Apr 11 at 01:02
t3chm4nI think this is the best solution. The video on solution with a gazillion thumbs up you need to be Rambo to take down almost every enemy on the plane. With this video the idea is to avoid enemies when possible, and, in my opinion, leaving the task easier.
Posted by t3chm4n on 04 May 11 at 19:38
Bertusi failed to at the end :P with the shot.
Posted by Bertus on 15 May 11 at 20:41
SirScumdog89seriously....THEE best solution right here.followed others..took numerous times just to get barely even upstairs..this one tho..a breeze.
Posted by SirScumdog89 on 01 Jun 11 at 07:28
MuhnamanaOMG! YES! YES! YES! By far the best guide for this achievement. Unlocked this after the 3rd try! Woot!
Posted by Muhnamana on 05 Jun 11 at 12:05
Dumb M0nk3yzI don't know how Ryan didn't get shot up by the guy he ran past in the bathroom, because everytime I ran by him he shot me up and the guys down the hall finished me off
Posted by Dumb M0nk3yz on 23 Jun 11 at 15:30
WRATH 0F PAINGreat video,I added some of my own skills but I GOT the overall video usage.Patience,skill and speed are needed.Thanks.
Posted by WRATH 0F PAIN on 06 Jul 11 at 18:33
MAJ0R PR1VATESTrue that Dumb M0nk3yz. No 2 runs are the same and these videos usually show how things work when everything "goes right" (the good random rolls). Unfortunately there are a ton of everything "goes wrong" runs for every run that goes right. Hell, I usually get shot by the guy in the bathroom as he is spiraling down to his death with his finger on the trigger.
Posted by MAJ0R PR1VATES on 06 Jul 11 at 19:51
running past the bathroom guy is a BAD idea.... also there are like 4 extra flashbangs on the table right in front of this guy's face lol... no need to be so sparing of flashbangs
Posted on 06 Jul 11 at 22:22
ElridotGreat link. This video is the by far the best I have seen. Mostly because it got me through it, and with 4 seconds remaining. So much rage when I thought I shot the VIP though.
Posted by Elridot on 27 Oct 11 at 15:13
Archer RivalI'm having the same luck as Dumb M0nk3yz and MAJOR PR1VATES. I'd estimate that 9 out of ten runs I've been killed by the guy in the bathroom. Also, the first group of enemies deploy as soon as I enter the room (before I can even shoot the first guy). I've also had a few of the enemies I've ran past come in behind me and blow me away.
Posted by Archer Rival on 12 Nov 11 at 21:23
lightsup55@Tuscani Terror

You can't rely on everything in the video, but there is plenty of useful information. Also, saving up your flash grenades? I'm sure many people noticed the extra flash grenades on the table at 2:45 mark in the video.
Posted by lightsup55 on 12 Nov 11 at 23:05
NenjiI don't want to sound like a douche bag but this achievement is easy if you follow this guy.... i got it at my 4 attempt..... really easy if you follow the video to be honest, the above comment is right i had extra flash grenades that made it cake at the end.
Posted by Nenji on 21 May 12 at 22:17
ZebraArmada"Run past the guy in the bathroom" BULL CHIPS! I died 90% of the time from the guy shooting me in the back. The other 10% was getting shot by guys somehow immune to flash bangs. This is the best guide I've followed, but I swear updates are purposely screwing this up for me.
Posted by ZebraArmada on 29 Jun 12 at 19:52
JOKERMAN50Just got this achievement after 5years on and off and it was all down to this video. The only thing is, I say knife the first guy in the toilet. Random elements (last stand, immunity to flashbangs, flashed enemies blocking walkways etc, you'll know) can screw you bad but perseverance will win in the end. Thank to all who contributed.
Posted by JOKERMAN50 on 11 Dec 12 at 07:06
AradorStupid teammates wont do what theyre supposed to do arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Posted by Arador on 03 Apr 13 at 23:51
LetheliaGreat solution. I've been frustrated by this achievement for awhile, followed the video, and got it in less than 10 minutes. Definitely watch and follow the video if you're struggling with this.
Posted by Lethelia on 29 Dec 13 at 18:49
NanmonJiei+1 for this solution! In my winning run, the only tweak I made was to go left at the top of the stairs like most of the other vids, as going right exposes you to more enemy lines of sight/fire and you have to get lucky to have the same run. One other tip: at the place where the video voice over says "fight like a madman until the end", if you are running short on time (say you have 12 seconds left), you can flashbang your way through the last room. I did and was able to do the bounce-bounce shoot maneuver shown in other videos to cap off the achievement. . . Good luck!
Posted by NanmonJiei on 31 Jan 14 at 15:58
Dellfiswatched this solution and after an hour i finally did it :)
Posted by Dellfis on 22 Feb 14 at 22:46
Martay28This solution is spot on... Ive been trying to get this for god knows how many years and following loads of videos and doing it in so many different ways... But after watching this video it popped after a few tries! I am so happy to have finally done it headspinclaptoast
Posted by Martay28 on 08 Jun 15 at 15:15
spankyNspronkleThanks for this! It's definitely the best solution... I wasted so much time in the first room on my other attempts when the best thing to do is run past them all and save 6 seconds. Knocked this out in 5 tries after seeing the video.
Posted by spankyNspronkle on 25 Jun 15 at 21:22