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Fail a song passed 90% completion

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Psycho Joe 1Psycho Joe 150,127
28 Sep 2008
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On any song on any difficulty in career or quickplay, get very close to the end of the song then strum like crazy so you fail, therefore getting this achievement.

If you don't know when any of the songs end, do Closer (bonus song). Once you have no more notes coming up and hear the bass playing out, that's your cue to strum like crazy.
StoodBridgeGreat, i try if this work :)
Posted by StoodBridge on 10 Jan 09 at 21:51
SpectreSubZeroFunny that this is even an achievement. I hate these achievements in game where you purposefully have to suck, lol!
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 21 Apr 09 at 21:57
Psycho Joe 1Good idea when it's a secret one though!
Posted by Psycho Joe 1 on 21 Apr 09 at 22:11
faultrdThanks, worked great. You really do have to strum like crazy though, it came up that I failed at 98% on Closer
Posted by faultrd on 05 Aug 09 at 09:59
Selly49It's surprisingly hard to fail a song that close to the end, but using a song you know well helps a lot. However, starting to lower the rock meter early is also a good idea.

I failed at 94% on "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" - and I started to "make mistakes" during the solo! That way when I knew the end was approaching it took less crazy strumming to finish off.
Posted by Selly49 on 09 Mar 11 at 21:49