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Back Up Hero

Complete all songs as the back-up guitar player

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22 May 2009
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If you want this achievement but don't have anyone to play with, or they aren't willing to do lead for whatever reason, then you'll be pleased to know there IS a way to unlock this on your own, but it is rather boring and takes a good few hours.

First you'll need to clear your cache. To do this go to system settings > memory > highlight the hard drive and press Y, X, X, LB, RB, X, X. - This will clear the updates and enable you to get this achievement by yourself.

Once you've done this, load up GH3 and DECLINE the update.

Go to the options menu and enter the No Fail cheat (GR, B, GR, GY, B, GY, RY, O, RY, GY, Y, GY, GR ) and enable it.

Next, go to co-op career and select whatever difficulties you like, (it might have to be the same on both controllers but I don't know, I chose Expert/Expert but as No Fail is on it doesn't matter what difficulty you choose anyway.)

Now all you have to do is play through the 44 songs. You don't actually have to play the songs so you can do something else and leave it running, just selecting songs when needed.

I don't know if it's needed but I played at least one note on the primary controller on every song, so do that just to be safe.

After you finish all 44 songs, go back to the cheats menu, turn the no fail cheat OFF and go back into co-op career, choose the same difficulties and fail any song. When you fail the achievement will unlock.

You can use the same technique for both Back Up Hero and Guitar Wizard, just make sure you choose the right option for each controller!
DrSchlepensteinThis solution doesn't work. The No Fail Cheat doesn't work in Career or Co-Op Career Modes. I cleared my cache, declined the update, turned on the No Fail Cheat, and I still fail the first song since no one is playing the the other guitar.
Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 21 Jul 09 at 12:59
Tom115Well you're obviously doing something wrong, it does work, I did it myself so I can confirm it.
Posted by Tom115 on 21 Jul 09 at 19:28
Superbeast369It didn't work for me either, so I just had to work on it little by little when someone came over that wanted to play GH3.
Posted by Superbeast369 on 16 Aug 09 at 02:39
ABiZZmalnope it doesnt work
Posted by ABiZZmal on 20 Feb 10 at 22:46
IsaacYankemDDSIn order for this to work, you need to have the original version of GH3. Eventually the updates were added to the disk, so even if you delete the cache, you're not going back to the original version of the game. If you go to the options screen, it will tell you in the lower left corner which version you have (V2, V3). For this trick to work, no version should be displayed.
Posted by IsaacYankemDDS on 22 Feb 10 at 01:10
HellHoundRuleri already be the the game in co-op but i didnt clear my cash how do i get it
Posted by HellHoundRuler on 20 Jun 11 at 20:36