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FK specialist

A title awarded when you score 5 direct free-kicks.

FK specialist0
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12 Oct 2010 12 Oct 2010
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Before you do anything, go to the EDIT mode and change your opponent's goalie's "Goalkeeper Skills" to 1.

Get fouled in the edge of the area, towards the centre (see GreenBeretEater's solution on how to get fouled easily).

Aim straight to the open area beside the goalie, and hold DOWN on the d-pad and hold the shoot button to FULL power. The ball will roll around the ground and go in under the wall, as they'll jump when it's coming towards them, and past the goalie, who will rarely attempt to save it because of his low stat.

Also, my first free kick came off the goalie and my fifth one went in off the post, and the achievement popped.
CraigyB78When i held down shoot ( X ) i put the ball in row z, if you hold down the cross button ( B ) it goes under the wall and hopefully into the back of the net.

Also it took me 6 free kicks to get the achievement, my 1st goal went in off the keeper so i guess it did not count.
Posted by CraigyB78#8653 on 18 Jan 13 at 20:53