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Successfully complete all System Override hacks in any single player mode.

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z Mr Man zz Mr Man z282,559
14 Oct 2010 23 Jun 2011
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Basically to get this you have to go through every ending in the game. You don't necessarily have to finish each walkthrough though. As long as you get to Act 4 you can quit and start up the next one. Just make sure you finish the ending at least once!

Some good tips for this one is:

1. Look for good places to blow a path through. A good placed explosion can save you a good minute sometimes.

2. Once you get the almighty virus every single one of these are easy. Simply send one virus and about 5 attackers. In other words hit Y once and A 5 times. Then rinse and repeat until you're out of energy. Then let it recharge and start again.

Although on about half of the hacks you won't even need to send in the second wave after the recharge.

And that's that. Simply follow those 2 rules and any System Override Hack is easy. Happy Hunting! :D
PerasnovitchI just can't fucking understand how System Override works... Pain!
Posted by Perasnovitch on 21 Nov 10 at 08:29
z Mr Man zAll you have to do is send your little things into the green gate on the opposite side. Any of your items that hit it will hurt it. And if you do it enough it will go red and you'll win.
Posted by z Mr Man z on 23 Nov 10 at 06:12
Iceberg082006But then the description under the achievement is wrong? It says in any single player game, wouldn't that mean any playthrough? Because there is only 1 single player game but multiple playthroughs
Posted by Iceberg082006 on 23 Jun 11 at 17:13
z Mr Man zThe achievement description may have changed from when I put this solution up. I can't remember what it used to say since I won this half a year ago. But when I got the achievement I had to do each playthough, and the ending at least once. If you've already done one playthrough completely and you got the achievement then let me know and I will update my solution.
Posted by z Mr Man z on 23 Jun 11 at 23:54