Dash of Destruction Review by LGS I Hitman

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16 Oct 2010 16 Oct 2010
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Story: There are two campaign's one where you play as the hungry dinosaur that like's doritos, the other is where you are the doritos delivery truck trying to avoid the hungry dinosaurs, the story is't amazing but it's a easy, simple game, to complete.

Multiplayer: This game is local multiplayer so if you have already finished the campaign you can still have a go with your friends in multiplayer.

Controls: The controls are easy it is designed to pick the game up and learn them within a couple of minute's with the left toggle to move and the A button to lunge forward as the dinosaur, and to use the boost as the truck.

Graphics: There not amazing (But it is a kids game and it's free) so you can't really complain.

Achievements:This is one of the easiest games to finish, sorry but avatar beats everything. 11 of the achievements are realated to the campaign and 1 to the multiplayer which you can plug in another controller and complete within a couple of seconds.

Summary: It is a easy game, FREE as well, Not the best of graphics nor music for that matter and it hasn't got that much replay value but you can still get about an hour tops out of the campaign then there's the multiplayer which may add more time but if like me your in it for the achievements a quick and easy game to finish.