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Double Up

Score two goals using the Double Score Powerup in one game

Double Up0
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Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter840,366
18 Oct 2010 08 Apr 2011
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Best done with 2 controllers, as you wont have to worry about your opponent scoring and you can keep knocking them down for power-ups.

The power-up for this is a green +2. After obtaining this power up you will need to score 2 goals with the player its attached to, it does NOT have to be the same player.

Also you will need to attain this power up at least twice, as it disappears after you make the goal.

This also must be done during a single game, it isn't cumulutive, just make a game to 20 wins and concentrate on taking out each one at a time.
LGS I HitmanDoesn't work.
Posted by LGS I Hitman on 15 Jan 11 at 21:04
JimboJambo86How does it not work? Lol. It's only a guide on what you need to do, no secret glitch...
Posted by JimboJambo86 on 19 Jan 11 at 17:39
LGS I HitmanI needed another guide to tell me what to do Actually. Fail
Posted by LGS I Hitman on 19 Jan 11 at 19:19
Krandorguide explains what needs to be done well.
Posted by Krandor on 28 Jan 11 at 01:47
RCPD ZombieLGS I Hitman fails. What more could Crimson possibly say to make that more clear?
Posted by RCPD Zombie on 29 Jan 11 at 05:45
theKilling 757sounds like a bunch of immature complaining about why he sux sso bad that he can't make 2 goals with the 2+ power-up active...

acceptable guide
Posted by theKilling 757 on 09 Mar 11 at 15:04
Crimson Drifterlol not sure what else I could add to make it any clearer, very simple achievement.
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 08 Apr 11 at 17:15