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Head Trauma

Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie.

Head Trauma+0.2
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19 Oct 2010
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Safehouse – Plywood & Spotlight (take elevator to roof), Scissors (in security room), Leaf Rake, Shower Head (restroom), Fireaxe, Pallet, Steel Shelving, 2 x 4, Coffee Pot, Metal Garbage can, Brick (down some stairs)

Safehouse hallway – Power Drill/Garbage Bag/Pushbroom (just outside SH exit to left corner), Large Wrench (straight from SH exit in corner on right), Broom Handle (break push broom), Baseball Bat, Sledgehammer, Lead Pipe (near a wall in hallway), Folding Chair, Carboard Box, Garbage Can/Square Sign/Large Planter (right near SH hallway exit)

Royal Flush Plaza
Cashual Gals – Cash Register, Shopping Boxes, Hanger, Handbag
Dark Bean Café – Ad Board, Patio Table, Highback Oak Chair, Barstool, Serving Tray
Astonishing Illusions – Gift Shop Lamp
Three Club Monte – Round Potted Plant
Universe of Optics – Rotating Display
Hat Racks – Computer Case, Lcd Monitor, Keyboard
The Chieftan’s Hut – Tomahawk
Yesterday Today and Tomorrow – Bowie Knife (on top), Newspaper Box
The Man’s Sport – Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, Dumbbell, Medicine Ball (window)
The Shoehorn – Large Fern Tree, Stool, Flower Pot
Tune Makers – Bass Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar/Amp/Drum/Wheelchair, Battery (in M.R.)
Wave of Style – Water Cooler
Giant craps table – Nightstick (zombie has it)
Sporttrance 1f - Male Mannequin, Female Mannequin
The Sturdy Package – Suitcase, Crowbar, Small Suitcase
Marriage Makers – Padded Blue Chair, Large Vase, Fancy Bench (walkway
nearby), Large Potted Plant (near benches)
M.R. Hallway near Marriage Makers – Spear, Plastic Bin
Modern Businessman – Centurion Bust
Roy’s Mart – Small Potted Plant, Utility Cart
2f Kathy’s – Shopping Valuables
2f Antoine’s – Chef Knife, Cooking Oil, Cooking Pot, Pan, Lamp, Small Fern Tree
2f Albert’s Apparel – Machete (on floor to right of register as you enter)
2f Sporttrance – Bowling Ball
2f Children’s Castle – Sandwich Board & Indoor Garbage Can (2f walkway en route), Gumball Machine

Slot Ranch Casino – Fancy Tall Chair & Fancy Small Chair (by slots as u enter), Training Sword/Flashlight/Motor Oil (backstage maintenance room), Croupier Stick (card tables), Stand & Velvet Bar (by cashier booth), Keg & Newspaper (bar to right of foodcourt pathway)

Foodcourt – (clockwise from entrance from slot ranch)
Wild West Grill - Large Barrel, Mining Pick, Pitchfork, Bull Skull, Tiki Torch, Meat Cleaver
Cucina Donnacci – Parasol, Plastic Garbage Can & Patio Chair
*Climb up vending machines onto Lombardi's awinging, look left for Drill Motor, and to right further along for Step Ladder/Paint Can*
Rojo Diablo Mexican - Donkey Lamp, Cactus Plant
Information Booth - Moose Head (on top)
Near Yucatan Exit - Dolly

Yucatan Casino – Cushioned Tall Chair, Drink Cart, Roulette Wheel, Stone Statue, Yellow Tall Chair (near slots), Table Lamp & Vacuum Cleaner (security room & counter), Katana (nightclub case 4-1 day 2 11pm)

Palisades Mall –
2F Kokonutz Sports Town - Hockey Stick
2F Cleroux Collection – Peace Art
2F Under Seas Travels – Paddle, Swordfish
2F Ned’s Knicknackery - Battleaxe, Broadsword, Small Vase, Spear, Lance

Atlantica Casino – Magician Sword (World’s Most Dangerous Trick day 4 12:01am), Money Case (kill Janus outside Atlantica day 2 8:40pm)

Silver Strip –
Swept Away - Giant Pink Chain Saw (Here Comes Groom day 2 5pm)
Near wall by trailer - Mailbox
One Little Duck Bingo - Bingo Ball Cage, Speaker
Rock stage - Chain Saw (on rafters), Mic Stand, Metal Barricade
Hot Excitorama - Comedy Trophy (Two’s Company day 3 11pm)

Fortune park – Bench (all over), Lawn Mower (M.R. by center restroom)

Fortune City Hotel/Southern Plaza – Long Stick (hotel lobby), Construction hat (1st room on right), Cement Saw (2nd room on left), Military Case (by elevators during Case 5-2, use it on a zombie before going up)

Arena area on ground – Foam Hand, Protestor Sign
Phoenix C64that video roxx, helped a lot.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 26 Oct 10 at 17:57
PlayfulTerrorthanks for the video upload. you're the best
Posted by PlayfulTerror on 27 Oct 10 at 03:36
Pedle ZelnipAs mentioned (rather rudely) by Delow317, the textual guide above is missing items. I didn't go through the entire list compared to the video, but I did notice three items missing from the textual list:

Cardboard Box (you can get one in the same area as the power drill/garbage bag/etc)
Handbag (can get one in Casual Gals in Royal Flush Plaza)
Hangar (can get one in Casual Gals in Royal Flush Plaza)
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 13 Mar 11 at 00:46
xLILESxGreat video! works perfectly
Posted by xLILESx on 28 Mar 11 at 18:17
Posted by JediJohnny7 on 05 Apr 11 at 08:04
wells ZeGreat video! It popped after the comic trophy. I didn't notice the newspaper or shopping valuables in the video, but I am not sure if they count of not.
Posted by wells Ze on 26 Jul 11 at 22:53
PorternatorText guide worked perfectly for me, dunno why everyone's giving off about it?
Posted by Porternator on 27 Aug 11 at 23:22
HAMbidextrous1I think someone needs a nap. I looked through the available guides and chose to use this one, BEFORE reading the comments. It seemed to have the necessary info plus a vid to fall back on. Only used the text, no vid. Nice guide Batman. I missed the military cases in 5-2.
Posted by HAMbidextrous1 on 24 Sep 11 at 16:47
KMetalmindThanks for the video!! I had to do it twice because the video I was using (some other) didn´t have the Ply Wood!! ò_o I can confirm the list on the video is completed, or at least it had all the items I was left to use :P

You don´t need to throw them, just to use them with "X" button, except maybe the utility car, which can´t be used that way :P
Posted by KMetalmind on 11 Mar 12 at 15:28
Bigjimboski80The guide is good, the game is just very buggy. I joined my cousins co-op game and we went through the written guide together. The achievement popped for him with no problem, but i didn't get it. I went through it again in single player using the same save file and using the video guide this time. The achievement popped when i was ten away from finishing the guide.
Posted by Bigjimboski80 on 14 Jan 13 at 11:42
Wicked JeiThe frying pan does not count if it's heated. I followed several guides together and was baffled when my achievement did not unlock, then read a post on x360a where someone had it unlock when they used the regular frying pan. I went and tried it and sure enough the achievement popped. I had used the heated frying pan 3 times before...
Posted by Wicked Jei on 21 Sep 13 at 01:43
OnzaTwo words: Patio Chair! Finally got this one. I like the compressed format of this text. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by Onza on 24 Sep 13 at 23:49
Prince Jame5Great guide and vide. Thumbs up...
Posted by Prince Jame5 on 03 Mar 14 at 09:16
Oz Catalyst zOYou don't need the money case I never got it would of remembered killing a survivor for it.
Posted by Oz Catalyst zO on 15 Aug 14 at 19:55
IUHoosiers323Never really got an answer if this could be done in multiple play throughs, but it popped for me after the stupid comedy trophy.
Posted by IUHoosiers323 on 10 Oct 14 at 20:16
GodLike499Thanx for the guide; couldn't've done it without it; however, I would recommend removing most of the items that you have for the safehouse, and list alternate locations for them, since it's kinda time consuming to run back and forth from the safe house to where the zombies are, especially for the larger items that you can't store in your inventory
Posted by GodLike499 on 23 Jan 16 at 21:31
Moozipan CheeseUsed the list and didn't get it :(

EDIT: Went through the Dead Rising wiki's article on this achievement and sure enough, I missed the bloody mannequins, which are listed here! So the text list is indeed complete, even if it could have been a lot clearer at times.
Posted by Moozipan Cheese on 21 Oct 16 at 00:14