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19 Oct 2010 29 Mar 2011
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On the main menu, scroll across to Tournaments (in between the Marketplace and PGR on Demand tabs). Once in, scroll across until you find a tournament in which Qualifying is still open. Complete a lap, achievement will unlock a few seconds later.

Note; I have just unlocked this - 19th October 2010.
TigaSefiThanks for that. I just set a time for global cup but nothing? am I missing something ?
Posted by TigaSefi on 19 Oct 10 at 19:14
LoofahdogThank you for clarifying that. I love when people post worthless solutions just to see their TA site stats rise.
Posted by Loofahdog on 15 Jan 11 at 07:08
DaShAgHmm all tournaments are labeled as "finished" I hope new ones come up
Posted by DaShAg on 16 Jan 11 at 23:28
Szakal oOhave the same problem, all are finished;//
Posted by Szakal oO on 21 Jan 11 at 08:51
AceholerYa.. finished..
Posted by Aceholer on 22 Jan 11 at 13:21
DaShAgI think they have closed the tournaments :(
Posted by DaShAg on 25 Jan 11 at 09:16
ApexiosThey sometimes have a break before restarting them, however in the wake of the studios closure, they may have discontinued them. Watch this space.
Posted by Apexios on 29 Jan 11 at 10:56
DaShAgI noticed a few ppl got it on 30 of January, now either they are gamesaving or new tournaments really pop up once in a while.
Posted by DaShAg on 31 Jan 11 at 08:35
ivegotaloboni think it is a sunday tournament once a week, i keep meaning to do it but i keep forgetting
Posted by ivegotalobon on 02 Feb 11 at 22:36
SPOOKYVILLEAnyone know what time those appear if true - UK or US time? If I remember will try and check this Sunday.
Posted by SPOOKYVILLE on 03 Feb 11 at 04:45
SPOOKYVILLENone appeared on Sunday 06th Feb 2011 FYI. Checked several times throughout the day.
Posted by SPOOKYVILLE on 07 Feb 11 at 02:51
DaShAgthis is getting frustrating
Posted by DaShAg on 07 Feb 11 at 10:07
DaShAgThe ones I see marked as "finished" have been the same for like a month now
Posted by DaShAg on 10 Feb 11 at 09:39
tajbenderSo you can't get it any more?
Posted by tajbender on 18 Feb 11 at 00:45
ivegotalobonsome people got it on 16th feb, but as dashag said, the ones i see finished havent changed in ages
Posted by ivegotalobon on 21 Feb 11 at 05:34
ivegotalobonthere is a qualifying event up now for the next 8 hours, currently 10:40am in the UK
Posted by ivegotalobon on 21 Feb 11 at 10:40
DaShAgHmm, I will check next monday then ivegotalobon

Posted by DaShAg on 24 Feb 11 at 08:45
DaShAgI got this achievement now as of March 21st. ivegotalobon was right, try this on a Monday morning GMT timezone. Go to tournaments and skip all the way to the right, when I tried there were 2 tournaments actually. A global Cup and a Daily Tournament.

I was afraid it turned into an unobtainable, but it isn't. Joy !
Posted by DaShAg on 21 Mar 11 at 09:31
SPOOKYVILLEJust got this now - daily tournament open for another 18 hours 7 mins from time of this post - go get it!
Posted by SPOOKYVILLE on 30 May 11 at 00:52
CONKER1182I unlocked this achievement as of June 4th 2011.
Posted by CONKER1182 on 04 Jun 11 at 06:06
izret102Just popped this. I am EST and the count down has about 6 hours left from the time of this post on the Simulation Sunday event. I tried to do one yesterday but qualifications were closed for everything.
Simulation Sunday is the last one on the list.

Best of luck thanks to everyone above who posted that this was still working after the studio shutdown.
Posted by izret102 on 27 Jun 11 at 01:58
xCHRONIC KAOSxUPDATE 15th August i unlocked the Achievement.

What i did was scroll all the way to the Right and the very last one was GREEN so i started it up and after the 1st Lap Bleep Achievement Unlocked

So just keep on looking this in NOT an Unobtainable Achievement its just when ever the Tournaments start try the same 1 i did if ur in the UK and EUROPE im not sure about the US sorry
Posted by xCHRONIC KAOSx on 15 Aug 11 at 17:22
SerdenNLPopped 7th of September 2011. Took a while to find an open one, but it was there luckily.
Posted by SerdenNL on 07 Sep 11 at 21:18
onemorechancStill working ... just got mine on September 10, 2011.
Posted by onemorechanc on 10 Sep 11 at 23:01
brandysnappsStill working i got mine on the 6th November 2011
Posted by brandysnapps on 06 Nov 11 at 17:50
DimmockStill working 11 Jan 2012

Also the event I did still have 9 days to go if anyone reads this.
Posted by Dimmock on 11 Jan 12 at 23:11
Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON on 14 Mar 12 at 02:53
FinderKeeperGot it. Still working. Global Cup (third from the right) is open as of Friday, May 4, 2012 @ 10 pm US Central Time. It says it's open for another 7 days and 11 hours.
Posted by FinderKeeper on 05 May 12 at 03:06
Petrified^ Still working May 6th ,2012
Posted by Petrified on 07 May 12 at 02:34
MarkLaing07still works as of
Monday 28th may 2012 1:13am GMT
did a tournament named "Daily Tournament" so not sure how often these happen
Posted by MarkLaing07 on 28 May 12 at 00:10
snakeguy884Works as of June 23, 2012. just popped
Posted by snakeguy884 on 23 Jun 12 at 20:38
ScottFromDerbyJust qualified for a 'Global Cup', and no achievement :S maybe it has to be a "Daily Tournament"?
Posted by ScottFromDerby on 05 Jul 12 at 22:51
theshieguyJust got the achievement for a 'Global Cup' Tournament. July 13, 2012 at 12:20 a.m. US Central time. It stays open for another 8 days. Looks like the only open tournament at the moment.
Posted by theshieguy on 13 Jul 12 at 05:23
Brooklyn GinQualified for a daily tournament and it didn't unlock for me also. Tried two different events. Even qualified first for one of them!
Posted by Brooklyn Gin on 29 Aug 12 at 10:21
HolyHalfDeadStarted to panic when I found all the DLC was removed from the Marketplace earlier this month. However I just got it, had to scroll a long way to the right to find an open Global Cup (3 days remaing). Just check Recent Winners on TA to see if people are still getting this achievement. Obviously if you didn't get the DLC this achievement is now impossible to get, along with all the other DLC achievements.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 25 Sep 12 at 08:03
sarahoiyay, still works! Thanks for the warning
Posted by sarahoi on 18 Oct 12 at 09:33
StunNutsFor now, there are 2 tournaments open :

- First close in 11h so hurry !
- Second close by 8 days and 7 hours so you could do it if you don't have the time to do the first one.

Hope I helped someone =)
Posted by StunNuts on 19 Oct 12 at 07:54
RobhillI never downloaded the dlc, is this achievement now impossible as well as all the other dlc ones? Is there anyone I can contact at Microsoft to see if they plan to relist it?
Posted by Robhill on 22 Nov 12 at 16:19
RobhillRight. I've spoken to Microsoft support and they said the only way for me to get this would be if someone allowed me to download their profile to my machine and then downloaded the dlc from their download history. I asked was this allowed and they guy said it was, now I just need to find someone to trust me with their gamer tag!
Posted by Robhill on 23 Nov 12 at 10:36
noose01This is still obtainable. Two tournaments are open.
Posted by noose01 on 05 Feb 13 at 16:58
ZefphWorks still on April 8th
Posted by Zefph on 08 Apr 13 at 00:09
Kennyannydennyfor me, it says everytime "PGR 4 server is not available at this time". Does this mean the achievement is not unobtainable?
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 09 Jul 13 at 07:26
KennyannydennyI meant IS unobtainable.... not "not unobtainable". Can't edit my comment...
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 09 Jul 13 at 15:50
UplandParasite8i am sure this is unobtainable now. I have looked for a turnament for every day for 3 weeks now. I and it havnt been any turnaments up.
Posted by UplandParasite8 on 30 Jul 13 at 15:30
itsamultipassI am seeing the same thing you all are seeing. -as of Aug 11, 2013. So this is unobtainable now yeah? :(
Posted by itsamultipass on 11 Aug 13 at 22:46
Manb3arSquirrelThanks for the completion percentage dent, PGR4.
Posted by Manb3arSquirrel on 13 Aug 16 at 15:57
Origin of Paynecry cry cry In my dreams I am able to go and get all of these unobtainables.
Posted by Origin of Payne on 06 Mar 19 at 16:34