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The Real End

Complete the Dark World.

The Real End0
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24 Oct 2010 21 Dec 2010
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To get this, you must beat the dark world version of the world 6 boss. There are two requirements to be able to do this:

-You must have defeated the light world version of the world 6 boss.
-You must have completed at least 85 dark world stages.

Dark world stages are unlocked by clearing the light world version of that stage within par time (A+ rank). You can do any 85 stages from worlds 1-7, as order doesn't matter, but I'd recommend starting with every dark stage in worlds 1-4, which will give you 80/85. From there, do any stages you can from the last three worlds. If you're having trouble in world 5, 6-1X and 7-12X are relatively painless. The dark world boss marker in world 6 tells you how many you have done.

The boss fight in world 6 is mostly the same as it is in the light world. The first part has more saws and a slightly stricter path, but is otherwise identical, and if you've made it this far you shouldn't have too many problems. In the last room, you have to hit the button on the ceiling, then the button on the right to drop Dr. Fetus in the pit.

The second part is much tougher than the light world version, but again, you just need to make it back to the left end of the stage. There's a LOT more saws and a MUCH stricter path than the light world, but again if you've made it this far, it's doable. The achievement pops as soon as the cutscene after this area starts.

Good luck!

Edit: Added video walkthroughs of the last stage, thanks DarkxMaterials!
cooorpseYou forgot to mention that it's necessary to get Grade A + in the Light World to release phases of Dark World.
Posted by cooorpse on 25 Oct 10 at 13:45
JotaroRaidoSo I did. Added a note, thanks!
Posted by JotaroRaido on 25 Oct 10 at 16:16
KMetalmindAnother good tip: If you have trouble beating some of the latest Dark levels, beating Dark levels on the Cotton Alley counts toward the 85 levels counter. So if you are near 85 levels and got frustrated, you can try too some of those levels. Personally some of them are easier than many of the 5th chapter ones.
Posted by KMetalmind on 25 Oct 10 at 20:17
JotaroRaidoThe chapter 6 levels count too. 6-1X is quite short and easy for where in the game it is. I found 7-12X to be really easy, too (plus there's a bandage there for some reason!)
Posted by JotaroRaido on 25 Oct 10 at 22:34
BLYASTHeading left on that boss was absolutely infuriating.... Good luck to all who try to tackle this!
Posted by BLYAST on 29 Oct 10 at 06:27
PennelIf you're fast enough, you can actually get past the wall of saws on the first half of the stage. Yu have to be fast though. Once you do this the rest of the stage is much easier and when you get to the last button nothing will kill you. The wall of saws even goes through, but it doesn't kill you.
Posted by Pennel on 07 Nov 10 at 16:39
Nick NguyenThanks for that video Dark! helped me with "The Escape" part too....that middle area is definately the hardest part as mentioned in the took me like an hr and 15 min to beat this frickin ridiculous level.....Good luck to those who still have to do it......use those videos DarkxMaterials posted as references if you need help in a certain part......
Posted by Nick Nguyen on 20 Dec 10 at 08:59
Shadow XBLwow my hands start sweating just watching the videos. Kudos.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 02 Apr 13 at 02:09
TearyVenus8606To any still going for this: you're definitely going to want to go for the entirety of 1-3. However if, like me, you're finding world 4 too tough to complete, go for 6X-1, a few world 5 and give all of Cotton alley a go. This might sound stupid, but at least half of the dark world cotton alley was easier to beat than world 4 for me.
Posted by TearyVenus8606 on 23 Jul 17 at 21:42