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Find every radar cache in chapter Under The Radar.

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25 May 2009
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ok this isnt really that hard but u kinda need to be paying attention.

1.After getting back your car from the mechanic. drive through the sludge then turn left. it will be in the van with a car wedge up on it.

2.After passing a water tower on the left hand side you will come to a building with a van that has run into the side of a building. go into the bluiding and there will be a legde you can not get to pull the big piece of metal leaving on it onto the floor then throw a grende under it the launch you up to the legde to flip switch.(you should also recieve the "Gordon Propelled Rocket" achievement)

3.Drive straight across the road into the boxcar yard and you will see a shed missing part of its roof in the back. go inside and you will see a saw blade in the floor pull it up to uncover the cashe.

4.After going through the tunnel and going up a curve hill there will be a tree log to your left. go behind it and there will be a small cave. go inside and there's your 4th cashe.

5.Afer fighting off the combine and powering down the fence to free your car. you will jump off a ramp and drive down another curve hill it will be on your right side behind some rocks. there will be an arrow pointing up. there are some rocks there to break the rope that has the cashe hanging on the tree. (i used the secondary fire on my smg to get it down)
FafhrddJust for a note, this achievement is in Half Life 2 Ep 2.
Posted by Fafhrdd on 08 Mar 10 at 02:27
o Heres Jonny ogreat guide. thanx
Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 14 Mar 11 at 12:30
Posted by Avrexid on 20 Mar 11 at 21:27
klobeastWhat's a boxcar yard? I can't see any buildings resembling this near where the radar is going off
Posted by klobeast on 27 Mar 11 at 00:15
RhyoliticA boxcar yard is a place that stores those long rectangular train bins. They're all around in that level. That #3 cache is in a dead-end place with a shack.
Posted by Rhyolitic on 18 Jun 11 at 05:34
DillionDayAwesome guide. Thanks.
Posted by DillionDay on 20 Dec 11 at 02:58
Tan110688Also your radar points them out pretty well
Posted by Tan110688 on 19 Aug 13 at 12:01