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Dominate an online lobby by being ahead of all 5 rivals at once!

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the YBthe YB49,728
25 May 2009
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If you have a takedown against 5 different opponents, all you need to do is join or make an online game lobby with those 5 people. Once you are all in the lobby you will get the achievement, no racing required.
iKiller KofCdidnt work
Posted by iKiller KofC on 07 Sep 11 at 00:57
the YBHmm... It's been a while but I still distinctly remember that I got into the lobby, and the moment it filled up the achievement popped. Then I and several folks who were just joining the lobby to help me out left the lobby and logged off. We did not race. Things to make sure of:

1. Each of the five other opponents in the lobby have a green icon next to their names meaning that you have the current takedown lead against them..
2. The lobby is a normal race lobby. I can't confirm anything about Red vs Blue or Destruction events.

Not sure why this didn't work for you, but if you want to send me an invite on Live we can test it out sometime.
Posted by the YB on 10 Sep 11 at 15:58
iKiller KofCi ust used alpha males instead
Posted by iKiller KofC on 29 Dec 11 at 01:22
SahelanthropI can confirm this method works (when needed). I was using Alpha's strategy, but at the end of the race I lagged out and my console locked up. When I came back (and rejoined the same party/lobby) the achievement popped.
Posted by Sahelanthrop on 17 Mar 12 at 02:07
zombietommy12hksomeone can help , i need to get this
Posted by zombietommy12hk on 22 Jul 13 at 20:03