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Leave some for the rest of us!

Collect a total of over 4,000 candies.

Leave some for the rest of us!0
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DL CyberSkullDL CyberSkull123,165
25 Oct 2010 21 Jun 2012
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You must collect a cumulative total of 4000 candies as you quest. I got this in the mall once I got to the main area. Fighting monsters, trick-or-treating and opening coffins are the most /(:?sucr|fruct|lact|gluc|galac|malt)ose/-enriching activities. Don't forget to hit every object in sight for more candy as well.

Your candy bags can only hold so much, so keep buying battle stamps. It is the only thing you can do with your candy (no gorging until you beat the game!).

To get larger pails, you must play hide-and-seek with the kids in each area.
Lukehias the solution says its cumulative so dont worry about spending candy to buy 'battle stamps'
Posted by Lukehi on 27 Oct 10 at 18:00
QuarantaneHe was saying to spend the candy so you will have room in your pail to hold more, I believe.

Also I would suggest completing all of the hide-n-seek quests, as your prize will be a bigger pail so you can hold more candy.
Posted by Quarantane on 06 Nov 10 at 20:28
GammyGreenGiantcheers for the info
Posted by GammyGreenGiant on 09 Feb 11 at 22:56
One Eyed TighPositive vote just for this: /(sucr|fruct|lact|gluc|galac|malt)ose/ :)
Posted by One Eyed Tigh on 28 Jul 11 at 05:56
DL CyberSkullI'm thinking I should have gone with the non-capturing version: /(:?sucr|fruct|lact|gluc|galac|malt)ose/
Posted by DL CyberSkull on 28 Jul 11 at 07:37
originaleimajthis: (sucr|fruct|lact|gluc|galac|malt)ose = haha +1 from me
Posted by originaleimaj on 19 Jun 12 at 15:41