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Win the Autumn Haven Mall Costume Contest.

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25 Oct 2010 02 Apr 2011
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First off, the contest requires 3 people to enter. After speaking to the man on the stage the first time you can then talk to the 3 judges on the ground floor to see what they would like.

Lucy, your 3rd party member, can be recruited in the arcade after you beat up BoJohn again, then go into the tunnel to meet her.

The judges want a futuristic costume, a heroic costume and an educational costume. You should have acquired all 3 by this point before you left the suburbs. You can enter the contest as many times as you like until you get it right.

Aside from the achievement, the reward for winning the contest is the unicorn costume, which has better healing properties than the liberty costume.

(The correct costumes are robot, liberty and knight).
LARUEMINATIwhere are the three judges it wont let me go forward without finding the third judge. I found two on the bottom floor.
Posted by LARUEMINATI on 02 Apr 11 at 01:12
DL CyberSkullAll 3 are on the bottom floor. They are all large, round adults. With sashes, I think.
Posted by DL CyberSkull on 02 Apr 11 at 05:50
HerrTwiggsTwo judges are on the left of the mall. One big man is sitting on the couch, a few meters away is a big woman. The last judge is on the right side in front of a french fries shop on wheels.
Posted by HerrTwiggs on 07 Apr 11 at 13:07