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Complete Jedi Temple - Sith Master difficulty

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27 Oct 2010 07 Jul 2017
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Go through entire level on apprentice and first 2 parts of boss.

After the floor falls through for the second time change to your desired difficulty
------LET HIM KILL YOU------
Then change back to apprentice to continue the fight (not necessary just makes it easier)
------DONT DIE AGAIN------
Once the boss is dead the achievement of the desired difficulty will be yours.
Pause the game when the achievement pops and exit.
Then choose continue game and you will be at the start of the fight and you will be in the difficulty you chose for the achievement so just change rinse and repeat.

P.S I just used lightning on him in apprentice and he went down quickly it took me all of 10 mins to get all 4 difficulty achievements

I have found out there is a hidden requirement
Credit to HolyHa1fDead :
This achievement has a hidden requirement that you must first complete the main game on any difficulty
Vinicius MentiPerfect solution. You really do not need to change the difficulty after dying, it is just to make things easier. The catch is that the game registers that you've played it on a given difficulty after you die, so if you managed to die again you'd have to redo the process, changing the difficulty and dying again.
Posted by Vinicius Menti on 16 Nov 10 at 17:36
TheAgentLokiFollowed to the letter and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the great solution!
Posted by TheAgentLoki on 11 Mar 12 at 06:02
WiznyattThanks! This worked and seemed less convoluted than the solution that has more positive votes. I can also confirm that this works on the Ultimate Sith edition of the game when played off of the bonus disc. One other thing I wanted to add was that I have not yet beaten the campaign on Star Wars The Force Unleashed so the Sith Master difficulty is not yet available until you do so. I believe that once you beat the Force Unleashed on any difficult the Sith Master difficulty is unlocked for the DLC.
Posted by Wiznyatt on 14 Aug 12 at 19:09
iquilla79Perfect. Thanks a lot. Saved a lot of time ;-)
Posted by iquilla79 on 15 Oct 12 at 21:54
HolyHalfDeadThere are 3 things you need to know to get this achievement and this solution has 2 of them, making it the best solution and gets a +ve vote from me. What this solution doesn't tell you is that this achievement has a hidden requirement that you must first complete the main game on any difficulty. The solution would also be easier to read if it wasn't written as a single sentence ;)
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 25 Apr 15 at 05:16
HolyHalfDeadEven better, and thanks for the credit about how to unlock Sith Master difficulty.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 26 Apr 15 at 02:38
SDREW44Worked Perfect!!!! Thanks Heaps!!!.. toast
Posted by SDREW44 on 16 May 15 at 02:41
Posted by Cursed on 11 Dec 15 at 00:22
Death Punch KOYou sir, just made my night a whole lot better with this trick. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Death Punch KO on 07 Apr 17 at 19:42
SaintedKarmaJust glad this guide is still helping people smile
Posted by SaintedKarma on 07 Apr 17 at 20:06
KennyannydennyWorked like a charm, thanks!
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 10 May 17 at 16:14
ShadyShallfucking brilliant. thank you.
Posted by ShadyShall on 07 Jul 17 at 05:35
TheHighSaiyanwhoever downvoted is a dick! great guide!
Posted by TheHighSaiyan on 20 Aug 17 at 10:17
Thanks mate!
glad it helped
Posted by SaintedKarma on 20 Aug 17 at 11:23
slipintoniteKept getting wiped out on the first platform, so annoying. Thank you for this!!!
Posted by slipintonite on 19 May 18 at 17:19
eohjayAwesome trick, thanks!
Posted by eohjay on 20 Feb 19 at 20:57
King GBFThanks a lot.
Posted by King GBF on 28 Aug 19 at 06:47
DKN117Apparently, skipping the "Let him kill you" step isn't an option; no Achievement for switching to Sith Master at the start of Stage 3 and then legitimately beating him without dying...
Posted by DKN117 on 16 Aug at 00:32